Dear Parents,
The RAPEP(Regroupement des Associations de Parents des Écoles Privées) (Association of Parents Associations of Private Schools), wishes to send you here some information on the financing of private schools in Quebec, given that in the coming weeks this debate may resurface during the provincial election campaign.
The debate is not new and, as you know, interest groups are formally asking the government to completely abolish the public funding portion of private schools.
In this context, we think it is important to remember some facts so that you, the parents, are informed of different funding issues so that you can share informed and quality information around you.
Here are some facts:
Annually, more than 220,000 parents in Quebec choose to have their children attend private school. This choice is guaranteed by the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.
A student in the public system costs taxpayers more than twice as much as a student in a private school.
The vast majority of private schools are non-profit organizations (NPOs).
The purchase and maintenance of private school buildings are not funded by the government.
A private school does not get a penny of school taxes, even though parents in private schools pay the same school taxes as everyone else.
Many private schools accommodate students in difficulty and do not receive subsidies for these services.
SO … If subsidies to private schools continue to be reduced …
Several private schools may close,
This would result in a large transfer of students to the public network,
We would see a significant increase in school operating costs for the state and additional debt for building maintenance and construction to accommodate those thousands of students coming from private schools.

The ultimate and immediate effect would be an increase in the financial burden for all taxpayers in Quebec.

If you want to read more on the subject, the FEEP, the Federation of Private Educational Institutions, has published an excellent video explaining the facts:
Explanatory video:
Be aware that your Parents’ Association, along with other RAPEP members, will continue to promote the sustainability of private education, including through adequate funding.
Finally, we wish you all a nice end of the school year, and have a good summer!
Daniele Boismenu
President RAPEP