The  Ligue Nationale d’Improvisation (LNI) vs  the Midi-Impro team of Demosthenes.

On May 12th, the Demosthenes campus hosted two artists from the National League of Improvisation (NLI) to play a game with the improvisation team of the Demosthenes campus.
Improvisation is a theatrical art which consists of inventing a story and characters with little or no preparation time. Excellent for improving oral communication, improvisation also allows students to develop their sense of creativity.
The two artists who were invited for the occasion are very well known in Quebec culture. First, Sophie Caron, actress and actress, played 20 seasons in the NLI. She holds the record for the largest number of Charade Cups (the equivalent of the Stanley Cup in hockey) in the history of the LNI.
There was also Pier-Luc Funk. Adored by the young people, he is an actor and a comedian, and has starred in Mémoires Vives at Radio-Canada, in the children’s program Le Chalet on VrakTV, and in the film Un été Sans Point.
The two artists took the time to come and see and meet our young improvisers before the game.
In front of a crowd of more than 100 people, our students and guests made us laugh out loud for more than 2 hours before the audience determined that Demosthenes’ Midi-Iimpro team was victorious.
Thank you to the spectators present, the artists and our students for this great evening.