Eugenia Manolidou is a Greek composer, conductor, and head of the Elliniki Agogi school for the teaching of ancient classical Greek in Greece.

Her visits to campuses II, III, V, and Demosthenes were a great success. She presented her program,of which we will study and analyze the feasibility of using some of her methods to enrich our teaching of Greek.

The students were able to take advantage of her presence to learn more about Ancient Greek and its influence on the languages ​​we speak today. She went to different classes to make very lively presentations in collaboration with the Greek teachers.

On Wednesday, October 20th, Eugenia Manolidou was welcomed by Constance Karvelas, Executive Vice President of the Community and Marketing Secretary and by the General Manager, Chris Adamopoulos. After visiting the head office where she signed the guestbook, Ms. Manolidou went to a few classes.

Socrates II Director, Georgia Tsakalis says: “By telling them stories from mythology, she was able to show them that the words we use today almost all have their roots in ancient Greek, whether in French, in Greek, or English.

The history of the phrase “the Milky Way”, or “Milky Way” in English, is proof of this. Ms. Manolidou explained to the students the mythological origins of this word, talking about Zeus, his wife Hera, Heracles and his mother, Alcmene. I am sure this story will not be forgotten! ”

By clicking on this link, you will be able to see a video of her visit to a Socrates II kindergarten class:

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On Thursday, October 21st, the director, Chris Filandrianos and the students of Socrates III met Mrs. Manolidou, who was delighted by the welcome from the students and the school team. Likewise, the latter were impressed by Ms. Manolidou’s presentations.


On Friday, October 22nd, Mrs. Manolidou was at Socrates V during the morning then at Demosthenes in the afternoon.

Ms. Manolidou was welcomed at Socrates V by the students’ assembly and by the principal, Lison Thibault. Gathered in the gymnasium, she received flowers, a stocked basket and the Centenary book of the Socrates-Demosthenes School.

After visiting different classes, a meal was organized by the parents’ committee, coordinated by Denise Eleftheratos Acheson.

You can see the visit of Mrs. Manolidou in a 6th grade class of Socrates V by clicking on this link:

Finally, after meeting the director of Démosthène, Mary Kanellopoulos, Ms. Manolidou was able to listen to Greek songs prepared by students.

For more information on the Ellinki Agogi School and the projects carried out, you can consult the following links:

Finally, we would like to sincerely thank the organizers of the visit, including Doctor Georges Tsoukas, and Mrs. Constance Karvelas, the school teams as well as the members of the parents’ committees, who all gave Mrs. Manolidou a warm welcome.