Last Friday, 6th grade students from all campuses of École Socrates-Démosthène participated in the 1st Sports Day.

This new initiative aims to bring together students from all campuses of the same level so that they can have fun together while playing a sport.

Thus, on Friday, October 21, more than 100 students played in a mini-volleyball festival. Students from all campuses were mixed to form 24 teams.

It was an opportunity to further strengthen the links between the campuses, to develop team spirit and to reaffirm the feeling of belonging to one School among our students.

As Mr. Christos Filandrianos, director of the Socrates III campus, so aptly put it to the students at the conclusion of the day: ”Although you attend five different campuses, you are part of the same School”.

This mini tournament is part of a long series of “Sports Days” that will extend throughout the school year.

Thank you to everyone who made this day possible. Thank you to the principals, class and physical education teachers, and high school students who did an outstanding job as referees.

Thank you also to our graduates who demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship and offered an excellent level of play.

À la prochaine Journée !