On a truly unique occasion, the Socrates II choir and its maestro, Dimitri Ilias, were invited to sing along with Mihalis Hatzigiannis and his guest singers , Melina Makris, Thanassis Alevras and Melina Mammas during their concert which took place Friday, April 28th.
Having had only two days to rehearse, the students presented a melodic interpretation of L.O.V.E, the standard of Frank Sinatra and Aggigma Psyhis, one of the great successes of Mihalis Hatzigiannis. They also sang the chorus of Pio Poli with the star of the evening.
Our singers  impressed the crowd with their talent! We congratulate them, as well as Dimitri Ilias, with all our heart, and we thank Mihalis Hatzigiannis for giving them such a nice chance.
Our gratitude also goes to the people without whom all this would not have happened: the parents of the student artists and the producer Georges Papadakos. Not to mention, of course our generous house photographer, Harry Babaroutsis.
L’École Socrates-Démosthène