This week, an honorary plaque was awarded to the Demosthenes campus for its commitment to anti-bullying and  conflict resolution in a peaceful manner.
The Anti-Bullying Committee places great importance on the following values: tolerance, respect, commitment, listening, empathy, caring and fairness.
In addition, the school aims to educate students on how to calm down, talk to each other and seek peaceful solutions to conflicts.
A bench of friendship has been placed in the schoolyard for a few years already. It is accessible to all children who feel alone during recess. The latter can sit on this bench to signify their desire to have company. Other children will join them.
Ambassador students have been trained to help resolve conflicts peacefully.
The honorary plaque was presented to the Demosthenes campus by the Pacific Institute, which is recognized by UNESCO. The Pacific Institute has won numerous awards including the YMCA Medal of Peace from Quebec (in 2002 and 2015) and the Agnès-C.-Higgins Award presented by Centraide of Greater Montreal. The organization has also been named an emeritus partner in the fight against bullying by the Government of Quebec.
We are very proud of our staff and our students and congratulate them on this honor.