All our congratulations go out to John Bramos of Socrates III whom you see here proudly posing with his Socrates III greek teachers, Eleni Dracopoulou and Elli Mandalenakis.  John, a grade 6 student, obtained the mention of Excellent on his certificate of Greek language proficiency. (Πιστοποιητικό Ελληνομάθειας).
Our schools our proud of the quality of education that they offer to their students.  There are many indicators of our success. Such as the ease with which are students are accepted  in prestigious secondary schools and how well they succeed in these schools.  Another indicator is the fact that several of our students annually pass and receive their certificates of Greek language proficiency. For further information please contact Foti Komboros at 514 -738-2421 ext: 124
Again, congratulations to John Bramos, his family and to all our Greek teachers  for their continued efforts.