On March 18, 2018, a delegation of 102 students from École Socrate-Démosthène participated in the 195th edition of the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Montreal.
Our students proudly represented not only their School, but the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal as a whole. The delegation consisted of flag bearers, drum corps … as well as many volunteer parents and employees of the CHGM. The weather was cold and very sunny.
Our delegation thrilled the crowds throughout the parade.
They illustrated by their very presence the unity and collaboration between the Irish and Greek communities.
The children walked head high and played with enthusiasm and precision, encouraged by the energy of the spectators whom they undeniably attracted attention. They will remember for a long time the magical moment they marched on rue Maisonneuve with people from all over who were celebrating Ireland.
Special thanks to Alex Fragakis and Odysseas Falagaras, drumming instructors.
They patiently spent weeks working with the students to achieve this splendid result.
After a well-deserved rest, the buses brought all those people back to school.
We thank all students, CHGM staff and volunteers whose determination and hard work are the reason this event went perfectly.
Éirinn go Brách and
Ζητω η ελλαδα!
The Socrates-Demosthenes School