After trampling on Greek ground, our travelers took the bus to Monemvasia. A well-deserved and much-appreciated break at the beach became a reality on their arrival.

For their first day, activities were numerous with visits, among others, of the Corinthian isthmus,

And the village of Monemvasia with its fortifications, the church Elkomenou Christou as well as the home of the poet Yannis Ritsos, the pride of the region.
The children were able to experience being an archaeologist by researching the archaeological site of the ancient Asopos (a city submerged under water for thousands of years). They collected remains of objects used at the time by the population, under the guidance of the friendly guide.

The students were very impressed by the beauty and richness of the area.

A visit to the Kastro of Monemvasia was necessary, the historic old town situated on a peninsula, connected by a dike to the mainland.
One behind the other, our travelers also went to an olive grove that they explored minutely, with Fotini and Maria, their guides. Despite their fatigue, they remained attentive during the presentations.
Our students visited Kinsterna, an old castle renovated into a luxurious hotel where the original architecture has been preserved. They received a great welcome.

The view was splendid.

The Mediterranean plays a vital and importany role with Greece, its inhabitants and … all its young visitors who had the pleasant surprise of being offered a boat trip to a private beach, snorkeling and a guided tour of the island thanks to the generosity of Proti Cruises owners.
The site of Olympia reserved interesting experiences for our intrepid adventurers.

They participated in small Olympic races, which enabled them to be crowned with laurels, as wonderful heroes of the stadium
The pool was subsequently a lot of fun for everyone.

A visit to the museum of Olympia.

At the theater Epidaurus, the children were able to test on site, the impressive acoustics of the place.

In Mycenae, they enjoyed learning about the great civilization.
And on to historic Nafplio.

The last day of the trip was devoted to exploring the wonders of Athens …

First and foremost, we would like to express our great appreciation to Nelli Vlahandreas and Christos Filandrianos, an inexhaustible teacher and campus director. They were able to guide and take care of our students with firmness and friendship, making it a most beautiful experience of their young lives.
We warmly thank the entire team of Molaoi Environmental Education Center, especially Maria, Vanna and Fotini. They warmly welcomed our students and knew how to be both educational and fun.
Our gratitude goes also to Élodie Macé and the travel agency Objectif Terre. Their work, as usual, went beyond our expectations. Finally, thanks to the Ministry of Education of Greece.
We would also like to thank the following companies for their generosity and efficiency throughout this journey:
Proti cruises ( and excellent captain Yannis Terizakis.
The Pramataris Hotel (www.
The Hotel Neda (
The Resto Touris Club (
And the agency My Precious Travel
To read an article about the journey on the Greek website, please cliquer ici.
We shall conclude this long message with a charming letter written by a mother of Socrates II expressing her happy satisfaction as to the beautiful journey of her child:
Thank you Mr. Adamopoulos, this truly was a wonderful experience for our daughter Frideriki. She had an amazing time and made many new friends from the other campuses. Chris and Nelli did an amazing job keeping the kids safe and entertained. Excellent trip, well organized and magnificently executed.
Barbara Kotsoros
Mom of Frideriki Tassis
Campus ll
See you next year!
The Socrates-Demosthenes School