UNESCO has stated that problem-solving is the skill that must be developed in students if we are to successfully face the challenges of the future. The Mathematics Competitions Center prepares some of the best math competitions in North America. Over the past 30 years, more than one million students have taken up this challenge.

Students from Socrates II Campus, Grades 3 to 6, participated in these competitions and many of them earned certificates of distinction for their exemplary results:

Thalès competition (3rd year)
  A certificate of distinction for the 3rd year.

Byron-Germain Contest (4th year)
Socrates II ranked 80th out of 457 schools across Canada, the top 17.5%
Fibonacci contest (5th year)
Socrates II ranked 47th out of 628 schools across Canada, the top 7.5%, exceeding recognized private schools such as Ste-Anne, Louis-Pasteur and Beaubois.
Pythagoras Contest (6th year)
Socrates II ranked 136th out of 874 schools across Canada, the top 15.6%.
The children of Socrates II have been great and their success in this national math contest is impressive.


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