After a short break of two years, Christmas shows with great fanfare have resumed in our school this year!
To end the year in style, students and staff at every campus, put on magnificent shows of which you can savor a few moments here:

Demosthenes Campus

The Demosthenes campus celebrated Christmas with its annual show on Wednesday, December 22nd. Once again, more than 100 people were able to witness a spectacular performance by the students. Parents and friends were amazed by the performance of the students.

Socrates IV Campus

It is with enthusiasm that the students of Socrates IV presented their Christmas show on December 22nd. Songs, dances, poems and theater were brilliantly presented. The spectators greatly appreciated their talents.

Socrates III Campus

The Socrates III campus celebrated Christmas with its show on December 21st. Students from pre-kindergarten through grade 6 sang and recited poems for the hundreds of spectators.Spectators were amazed!

Socrates II Campus

The students of the Socrates II campus took part in an extravagant Christmas pageant that left everyone speechless!
The show was a great success thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the students who displayed their various talents through recitals of poems, songs, and majestically performed theatrical scenes.


Socrates V Campus

The Socrates V campus had to postpone its Christmas show originally scheduled for December 23rd.Tuesday, January 10th, the splendid decorations immersed parents, staff and many visitors in the magical world of the Grinch.

The various performances of the students through songs, poems, dances and plays dazzled the whole assembly.

We are proud of our students, of the exceptional work of our teaching staff and of our Parents’ Committee, which spares no effort to support our School.

Let’s admire the talents of the students through a few images.

Happy New Year 2023!

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