In order to develop their future sense of citizenship, students in the sixth year of the Demosthenes campus simulated their vote before the October 1st elections.

Here are the results obtained after their Vox Populi:
PLQ 12/24 (50%);
CAQ 11/24 (45.8%);
PQ 1/24 (4%);
QS 0/24 (0%).
Students and incumbents have seen how much can happen during an election.
On the Socrates III campus, students in grades 4, 5 and 6 also participated in the provincial election on October 1st. Even though they could not vote for our next provincial government, they were able to vote on an issue of concern to many Quebeckers. Here is the question and the results of the vote.
125/125 constituencies seized
179,174 children voted across Quebec
                                Why do you think it’s important to vote?
a. For each persons ideas to be heard
71  730
30 198
c.  To solve problems
41  532
d.  To say what I think
30  467
b.  To chose people who will work for me
29  234
Valid Bulletins: 172,963 (96.5%)
Bulletins rejected: 6,211 (3.5%)

What a great experience for our young people! Long live democracy!
The Socrates-Demosthenes School