As you know, Vasilopita is a New Year’s cake. A traditional Greek specialty, it is associated with the feast of Saint Basil on January 1st.

On New Year’s Day, families cut the vasilopita to bless the house. This is usually done at midnight on New Year’s. The sign of the cross or the year is inscribed on the cake into which a coin has been hidden. The person who finds the coin is the big winner of the evening.

The celebrations were different this year. At Socrates II, parents generously donated Vasilopitas for all students and the Parents Committee presented the prizes to the winners. It was with their school families that the students received their piece of Vasilopita in class. Our sincere gratitude to the generous people who made this event possible, especially our Parents Committee, who help us without fail to keep our traditions alive.

The lucky classes, 111 and 441 will receive their prizes in the coming weeks. And here are the winners:

Χρονια Πολλά!

The Socrates-Demosthenes School