In École Socrates-Démosthène, learning from pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs will help your child develop self-esteem and autonomy. Structured activities on a daily basis are essential to promote the development of sound knowledge throughout his/her academic life. We also give them time for free play, allowing them to develop their independence and creativity.
Using games, songs and stories, children learn to express themselves while learning to understand the French and Greek languages. Many of our students come from families who speak little or not at all these languages at home. Parents are often surprised to see their children speak and sing in Greek or French, and in a period of only few weeks!

When your child is ready for primary school, he or she will achieve the following three objectives:

Personal and Social Skills
  • the child recognizes his/her skills and has a positive image of himself/herself
  • the child is proud of his/her achievements
  • the child faces challenges
  • the child identifies and expresses his/her preferences, interests and emotions
Communication Skills
  • the child verbally communicates in both French and Greek
  • in real-life situations, the child understands the meaning of the message heard
  • the child is initiated to the early stages of writing
Analytical Skills
  • the child observes and focuses, asks questions, finds answers and pays attention to his/her work
  • the child shows interest and curiosity in his/her learning

List of subjects: preschool and kindergarten


  • Calendar
  • Chatting
  • Stories, tales
  • Language games
  • Group games
  • Music
  • Directed activities
  • Workshops (painting, educational games)
  • Art education
  • Mobility (Health and Physical Education)
  • Dance
  • Science and Mathematics


  • Activities in a circle with a theme
  • Weather, historical discussion
  • Greek Culture, Ethics
  • Music
  • Free Games Workshop
  • Review of what was acquired during the day
  • Activity Book
  • DIY (do-it-yourself activities)
  • Greek Dance
  • Theater (drama)