1906: Foundation of the Hellenic Community of Montreal (HCM).
1909: Founding of the first Greek school, “Platon”. The school has 25 students and courses are taught in a room in the basement of a church.

1911: The school moves into its own building at 753-755 Clark.

1920: The school has four classes of elementary level with 110 students.

1925: The “Anglo-Hellenic Socrates School” is incorporated. The school follows the curriculum of the Protestant School Board of Montreal and teaches Greek, in addition to English and French.

1931: Platon School merges with Socrates School, bearing the name “Anglo-Hellenic Socrates School.”.

1970: The name “Anglo-Hellenic Socrates School ” is replaced by “École élémentaire Socrates”.

1971:The Greek Orthodox Community of Laval (GOCL) was created to better serve the needs of the rapidly growing population of Greek origin in the area.

January 1971: A school building was purchased at 275 rue Houde in Ville Saint-Laurent. It will become campus I of Socrates. The school has 11 classrooms, a library, a small reception area and administrative offices.

September 1971: Recognizing the evolution of Quebec, Socrates modifies its curriculum with a new distribution of time spent on each language: French (66% of the program) Greek (24%) and English (10 %), while the teaching time is increased to 1710 minutes (instead of 1380 minutes for public schools). Today, the School offers 1850 minutes of instruction per week, compared to 1500 minutes in the public schools.

1972: Socrates School is declared “of public interest” by the Ministry of Education of Quebec and becomes eligible for grants.

1978: Socrates School becomes a school associated with the Catholic School Commission of Montreal (CECM).

1980: “École élémentaire Socrates” changes its name to “École primaire Socrates.”

1982: The GOCL creates “École Démosthène”, another trilingual school : French, Greek and English.

1982: The construction of the Hellenic Community Centre of Montreal is complete and the complex includes a school (campus Socrates II), 27 classrooms, a reception room, a library, a gymnasium and administrative offices.

1982: Acquisition of school at 11, 11th Avenue in Roxboro (campus Socrates III) with 29 classrooms, a library, gymnasium and administrative offices.

1985: The construction of the South Shore Hellenic Community Centre is completed and the complex includes campus IV of Socrates School with 18 classrooms, a multimedia room, a library, a cafeteria, a gymnasium and administrative offices.

1989: An “associated school” agreement is signed with the Commission scolaire Taillon, which is known today as the Commission scolaire Marie-Victorin, for Socrates IV.

1990: The CHM acquires the school located at 931 Emerson in Chomedey, Laval (campus Socrates V).

1991: The CHM signs an “associated school” agreement with the Commission scolaire des Mille-Iles, now known as the Commission scolaire de Laval, for Socrates V.

2002: CHM acquires a school in 1005 Pie-X in Chomedey, Laval (campus Socrates V Annexe).

2003: Contribution of Greek teachers assigned by the minister of Education of Greece.

2006: The Hellenic Community Montreal (HCM) celebrates its 100th anniversary. It is a testament to the thousands of Greek Canadians who since 1906 worked to preserve and maintain their common values that united them as Quebecers and Canadians.

2008: L’École primaire Socrates announces that its 30-year association with the school boards is over. The school is now recognized as a private academic institution.

2009: The CHM proudly celebrates 100 years of education in Montreal. It is a feat that very few schools in Quebec were able to accomplish.

2010: The Hellenic Community of Montreal and the Greek Orthodox Community of Laval merge and announce the creation of a new organization called the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal.

2011: Administrative merger of the two schools, Socrates and Démosthène.

2014: The School is officially renamed “École Socrates-Démosthène”.

2020: École Socrates-Démosthène obtains a permit from the Ministère de l’Éducation to offer 4-year-old preschool services on all campuses.

2022: École Socrates-Démosthène welcomes students to 4-year-old kindergarten under the MEQ program at all its campuses.