Intrusion at school

The following measures should be used as a framework and have been designed to ensure the safety of students and staff in the event of intrusion into the school. Generally, administrative and support staff shall ensure that all exit doors are locked at all times during school hours. A main entry must be identified for the public and this entry should be monitored, either directly or by a surveillance camera, by the administrative assistant and/or the director. This main entrance acts as a first filter device of the public visiting the school. This entry door also serves as the staff’s entrance. Anyone entering the facility must immediately report his/her presence to the administrative office.

As soon as the Administrative Assistant, the Director or a staff member suspects that an individual has entered or attempts to enter the school without permission, the following actions should take place:

  • The office staff must immediately notify the rest of the school, through the intercom, that there is an intruder in the school, and that the emergency lock process should initiate immediately.
  • The office staff should immediately call the police by dialing 911.
  • Upon receipt of the message, all teachers should empty corridors and barricade everyone in their classroom or another room, by locking the door or placing a cabinet behind the door in order to obstruct the intruder as much as possible.
  • Everyone should remain calm, quiet and lie down, away from the door.
  • In rare circumstances, if deemed possible and preferable, an evacuation effort can be made to keep students and staff out of the building.
  • Cell phones must be in vibration mode and can be used for communication.
  • If the fire alarm is triggered, no one should try to evacuate the building unless sensing smoke odour.
  • If a person meets the intruder, he/she should do exactly what the intruder wants, do not run unless the intruder is distracted.
  • Everyone must remain in their classrooms until authorities indicate the end of the alert.
  • The above procedures will be put into practice on a regular basis with simulated exercises.