The École Socrates-Démosthenes aims to facilitate access to its educational program by providing a safe transportation system for students while taking into account government regulations


All students in preschool through sixth grade are generally eligible. There may be some restrictions: therefore, please verify with the School.

Shared Responsibilities

The School considers its students’ safety of the utmost importance and will take all necessary precautions to ensure the safest transportation services.

The Parent/Guardian

Parents / guardians are responsible for the child’s safety between home and the bus stop.

Parents / guardians must be at the door when the child enters or exits the bus. Drivers do not have to wait until the children enter their home.

Parents / guardians must notify the School in writing if the student does not take the bus as planned.

The Students

Students must comply with the regulations (refer to the detailed document, distributed at the beginning of the school year). Students must behave in the same way as at school.

Students must respect the authority (meaning: the bus driver), and follow his or her instructions.

Students must respect their classmates on the school bus and avoid causing each other any problems.

The School Bus Driver

  • The school bus driver is responsible for the safety of all passengers;
  • When students come down the bus, the school bus driver is responsible until the students are on the sidewalk and not the entrance to the house;
  • When picking up a child, the driver will wait 15 seconds before departing;
  • When picking up a child, the driver is obligated to wait until all children are seated before starting the bus;
  • The driver must not leave the bus when children are on board, with the exception of an emergency.

The School Bus Contractor

  • The contractor is responsible for the contract under the terms established. The door to door service is not guaranteed by the transportation service. In case of relocation, a file review will be conducted by the Company. The transportation Company may change its course during the year.

The Administrators and Teachers

  • School administrators and teachers are responsible for students during the arrival and departure of school buses, as well as school trips and outings.
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Depending on the severity of the acts, a student may lose his or her right to transportation or may be suspended immediately after the following warnings:

1st transgression: Warning from the campus direction:

2nd transgression: Letter to parents / guardians with notice of suspension

3rd transgression: Suspension of transportation privileges (1-5 days).

4th transgression : Suspension of transportation privileges (5 days or more).

School Transportation Regulations

  • Be ready and wait on the sidewalk in the morning.
  • Wait until the bus stops completely before getting on the bus.
  • Carefully regain your seat as soon as possible.
  • Respect the three students per seat rule.
  • When sitting, always face the front of the bus.
  • Always place school bags on the floor and in front of you.
  • Do not disturb or distract the bus driver or other passengers.
  • Do not open the windows without permission.
  • Windows should never be opened over two levels.
  • Never put your head or hands out of the windows.
  • Stay seated at any time.
  • Always be alert and ready to get out of the bus on the designated place.
  • It is forbidden to swear in the bus.
  • It is forbidden to eat, drink or chew gum in the bus.
  • It is forbidden to take out books, pens or pencils from school bags.
  • The transportation company and the bus driver are not responsible for lost personal items.
  • The school bus service is available to addresses that are fully accessible for a 72-passenger bus and when the weather permits.
  • The transport company and the bus driver are not responsible for children after they exit the bus in the afternoon.
  • Representatives of the school transportation must be notified in advance of any change of address or destination of the child. However, these changes will only take place if the new destination is within the normal route of the bus.
  • No change of address or change of place of destination will be accepted during the first two weeks of the school year.
  • The transport is not guaranteed if you relocate (moving).
  • The door to door service is not guaranteed: it is a privilege provided by G & N Transportation.