The interactive whiteboard (IWB) is a great motivational tool for the classroom. Students are happy to use it, as they find courses much more pleasant and dynamic.

The interactive whiteboard is a touchscreen that works with a computer connected to a projector. The computer’s desktop image is projected on the interactive whiteboard, which then acts as a screen. With the use of a stylus, users can write, draw, or create a table on the screen. They can also use their fingers to click, move and drag objects on the screen. In this case, the fingers replace the mouse generally used with the computer. They can also work from a digital keyboard to write in block capitals (typography).

It is therefore possible to run all applications usually installed in a computer. Students can therefore create text or audio-video documents, then save and archive them. This helps keep track of the work done in class and consult it when needed. In addition, if the display is linked to a computer connected to the Internet, it becomes possible to browse various websites, to be part of social networks and exchange emails. In brief, it is a multipurpose tool that can support the daily teaching of all subjects by providing students with a multitude of resources to achieve excellent learning.

All our campuses are now equipped with several interactive whiteboards.