A joyous movement has started in Italy (#andratuttobene) and has spread around the world thanks to social media. In Quebec, children (and adults!) are invited to draw a rainbow and install it in one of the windows of the house. The hashtag, #itwillbefine, are added as a sign of hope and solidarity. Rainbows have sprung up all over Quebec, in windows and even on clotheslines.


The Socrates-Demosthenes School invites you to follow this colorful movement, to add #itwillbefine in a rainbow to your windows. You will be pleased to see a message of hope spread and a smile on the lips of young and old alike during an essential daily walk.

In addition, it is a way of greeting and saying thank you to essential workers, those in the health field and those who keep us safe such as policemen and firefighters, but also all those who work in day cares and grocery stores. These rainbows are also intended for them.

No matter the weather, now is the time to bring rainbows into our homes and share them with everyone!