On Wednesday, September 24th,  foggy skies soon turned into a brilliant sunny day as nearly 1200 students with their teachers and parents gathered at the Centre de la nature in Laval for the third edition of the Socrates-Démosthène Alexandria cross-country race. Harmony, smiles and sport spirit were present.  After an intense warm-up session, students from grade one to grade six of all five campuses ran their hearts out.

Students in diffrent levels ran distances ranging from 500 m to 2 km.  The organizers of this event whose main goal is to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle had planned every last minute of the day.

The winners of each race received medals at a charming end-of-the-day ceremony. All the students will receive an official certificate with their individual results.
 The day started with a prayer.  Under beautiful fall skies, the races took place while electronically being monitored to the nearest second.  There was a live DJ playing music to entertain the crowd.  It was a very memorable day.

 Special thanks for the contribution of the Regional Council of Laval and  the Hellenic Community of greater Montreal in offering help and refreshments. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the dedication and efforts of our physical education teachers, volunteers and personnel of the schools.
We would also like to mention the presence of Pater Zisis of St-Nicolas church who gave an inspirational and encouraging speech at the beginning of the day.
On board their buses at the end of the day, certain students savoured their victories while others were already planning for next year but certainly all of them were contemplating the great day had by all.
Congratulations to everyone!
To consult the standings of the students, please follow the following link:


 L’École Socrates-Démosthène