The air was filled with excitement as the students of Demosthene school filled the gymnasium to welcome greek legend, George Dalaras.

With tears in his eyes and  sentiment in his voice, George Dalaras announced: “You might not believe me, but this is one of the most moving moments of my life.” The room filled with enthusiastic applause.

The campus principal, Madame Matrona Mavrakis extended a warm welcome to the singer.

Followed by grade 5 students singing Mr. Dalaras  hit song : “The mother of Alexander the Great”.

Mr. Dalaras was very happy to hear the rendition of his song.
The director of the Greek Studies Program,  Chryssoula Petimeza spoke to the students about the singer. 

The vice-president of the HCGM, Mrs Zoi Batsis, transmitted greetings and well wishes from the president and members of the council of the HCGM.  She then recited a story of her personally meeting George Dalaras several years back on the island of Siros.

The singer then took to the podium and with a lot of humility and tears in his eyes he thanked the crowd  and took a special moment to underline the importance off the work done by the school staff.  He mentioned the importance of education and added: “You are lucky to be receiving a trilingual education.  I did not get that chance”.

The students thanked Mr. Dalaras and offered him the school’s centennial book, a bouquet of flowers and a giant card signed by every student of Demosthene school.

The event ended with pictures and lots of hugs from students.

During his concert that night at the Rialto, George Dalaras, immediately after his first song, spoke of the emotion he felt when visiting the school and once again mentioned how lucky Montreal Greeks are to have a trilingual high quality educational establishment such as Socrates-Démosthène.