The ultimate trip to Greece 2015 was an extraordinary experience for our lucky participants as well as their two splendid teachers that accompanied them, Lison Thibault and Christos Filandrianos.  They leftMontrealonJune 14th, 2015, and visited Monovasia-Molaoi and the southernPeloponnese.  With the collaboration of the Centre for environmental education of the region our students had a fun trip filled with many activities.  They had an educational visit of the fortress, they trekked the gorge of Larkana and visited the archaeological site of Asopon, without of course forgetting the many occasions to take a plunge into theMediterranean sea.  They also visited the theater of Epidaurus, dined in Nafpoli and visited the byzantine church Ag. Paraskevi before continuing on toMycenae.  Before returning toMontreal, they also got to visitAthens, the Acropolis and its museum.  They return with new knowledge and great memories.
We would like to thank the educators of the Molaoi  Environmental Education Centre: Maria Milona, Evagelia Lentza, Fotini Poulou and Nektarios Mastoropoulos, as well as the director of the center, Nikolaos Papadakis. They were very welcoming to our students and assured them a great time.  We would also like to extend our thanks the Minister of Education ofGreece, and Élodie Macé of the travel agency Objectif Terre and their guide inAthens, Katerina Tavri.  Their hospitality was exceptional.
It’ll be a joy to restart the whole experience over next year so that a new generation of Socrates students can experience the ultimate trip toGreece.
We will conclude with a few comments written by parents of Socrates III students expressing what a wonderful time their children had.
A big thank you Mr. Chris and Madame Lison for doing such a fantastic job caring for our kids 24/8, keeping them safe and together and documenting this wonderful 8 day period. Wow!
 We had many reservations but are so happy we decided to send Lukia on the trip. It’s clear that this was a phenomenal educational and recreational experience for her that she will carry with her for the rest of her life. I’m proud that my 3 children attend Socrates and think it’s so fitting and marvellous that this opportunity is provided to them upon graduation. Bravo to all of us.
Anna Giannakouros and Chris Katranis