Alexandria: our students are in great shape


It was a beautiful summer day in autumn: we could not ask for more for the 2015 edition of the Cross Country race Alexandria. On September 23, more than 1000 children, their teachers and their parents gathered at the Nature Centre of the City of Laval for this race.Displaying Our students from the first to the sixthgrade of Socrates II, III, IV, V and Demosthenes ran with all their heart. Sportsmanship and good humor was visible on every face.Students from all the campuses ran level by level to cover a distance of between 500 m and 2 km, depending on their age group. The organizers of this open-air festive event, whose main objective was to promote physical activity and health, had meticulously planned every moment of the day. The winners of each race were awarded with medals at a closing ceremony prepared for them.Displaying Obviously, the day would not have been complete without a huge picnic and Greek music to celebrate the joy of being there.In fact, it would have been difficult to distinguish between cross-country races of our school and those that are found at an elite level, both the effort and transcendence were honored.Displaying Very special thanks go to Mr. Dennis Marinos and Laval Regional Council of the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal for their support and refreshments. All this  would certainly not have happened without the dedication and impressive organizational talentsof thephysical education teachers; Carla Fawaz, Nelli Vlahandreas and Mary Maglieri and Éric Bouchard. It is important not to forget the tenacious support of volunteers and the staff of the campuses. On board their school bus when returning to their campus, some students were enjoying their victories, others planned their future exploits, but all will certainly have thought about the magic moments they had to live. Congratulations to you all, and see you next year!


1re année Soc III – Soc IV – Démo (Garçons)
1. Matteo Pandin
2. Alexander Michael Kavathas
3. Liam Kaillianiotis
4. Ovidiu Podaru
5. Evan Lallis
1re année Soc III – Soc IV – Démo (Filles)
1. Marina Stappas
2. Angeliki Maragos
3. Dia Mardas
4. Basilia Esmeralda Eliopoulos
5. Alexia Scourtellis
1re année Soc II – Soc V (Garçons)
1. Xander Theodossakos
2. Nicholas Pavlopoulos
3. Nicholas Assimakopoulos
4. Steve Mavromatis
5. George Colocythas
1re  année Soc-II – Soc V (Filles)
1. Lucy Liapis
2. Daphné Lantagne
3. Alexandra Karagioules
4. Paulina Battista
5. Zoé Bozikis
2e année Soc III  – Soc IV – Démo (Garçons)
1. John Dimitrios Kavathas
2. Emmanuel Kritsidimas
3. Jacques Primeau
4. Theo Chaanine
5. Zachary Stroubakis
2e année Soc III – Soc IV – Démo (Filles)
1. Zoé Xenos
2. Christina Petropoulos
3. Arianne Tsakiris
4. Katerina Litinas
5. Chrisoula Argiropoulos
2e année Soc V – Soc II (Filles)
1. Katherine Liapis
2. Eliana Meligrigoris
3. Sara Meletakos
4. Theofani Perron
5. Chrysa Ziakas
3e année (garcons)
1. Constantinos Xanthis
2. Theodore Costopoulos
3. Nicholas Chase
4. Yanni Doukas
5. Alexander Abdelmegid
3e année filles
1.  Rodanthie Nikolidakis
2. Helena Tsesmelis
3. Evangelia Bekeridis
4. Alexandra Fidrilis
5. Vasiliki Liofagos
4e année garcons
1. Alexandre Spiridonakis- Batis
2. Nicholas Theodossakos
3. Ioannis Lavazos
4. Matteo Stathopoulos
5. Harry Haralambides
4e année filles
1. Eva Fillion
2. Eva Liakakos
3. Vassiliki Spatiotis
4. Niki Vaikousis
5. Tatiana Panoskaltsis
5e année garçons
1. Matheos Kontis
2. Ioannis Sfakianakis
3. Nicholas Pandin
4. Christopher Vlasopoulos
5. Christopher Moshopoulos
5e année filles
1. Maria-Christina Trigonakis
2. Efrossini Priftakis
3. Anna Bardouniotis
4. Ioanna Katravas
5. Irini Sacciadis
6e année garçons
1. James Swan
2. Ioannis Spiridonakos
3. Eleftherios Manikis
4. Christos Paschalidis
5. Petros Christeas
6e année filles
1. Dimitra Vasilakos
2. Sofia Cimon
3. Nikandra Kakouras
4. Marilena Soussani
5. Chloé Cimon

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