With great enthusiasm and emotion, the executives of the company DODONI A.C,  Ioakimidis Constantine, Director of Business Development and Mr. Vassilios Vrohidis, Export Manager visited campus  Socrates V in Laval. Much to their surprise they found that Socrates-Démosthène, currently hosts over 1,300 children of Greek origin. They all follow the Greek curriculum and learn the Greek language, culture, customs and traditions. They realised that the students not only communicate in the Greek language but that also they feel deeply the meaning and values of Hellenism. They had the opportunity to observe that our students are the best ambassadors of Hellenic values and culture. They realised that Socrates-Démosthène embraces a huge task: perpetuating Hellenism. Finally, they concluded that the existence and continuity of l’École Socrates-Démosthène is imperative and its support should be a conscious decision of all Hellenes.
In the context of the continuous social contribution, the company DODONI C.A decided with great pleasure to provide a scholarship to cover the tuition of a student with financial need and excellent academic performance. As reported by the company executives DODONI C.A “It is a great honor to contribute to this excellent work and we hope to set an example to be emulated by other Greek companies”.
We congratulate the company representatives DODONI C.A. for their sensitivity towards Greek education in general and Socrates-Démosthène in particular. It is after all our duty to perpetuate our immense patrimony: Hellenism. We can be happy in the knowledge that we support our own continuity through our School.