We have told you that we cannot allow access to campuses for either students or teachers. As a result, many students do not have all their school materials and the same is true for several teachers.

In the current exceptional conditions and because distance learning structures have not been planned for all subjects and considering that we will necessarily have to readjust the planned teaching material for the end of the school year, we maintain that teaching and communications with teachers will resume when students return to scheduled classes on March 30th, unless Premier François Legault advises otherwise.

In fact, please note, that we absolutely follow all the directives from Premier Legault, the Minister of Education and the Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FÉEP). We ignore everything that comes from the Internet, the media in general, or other sources.

In the meantime, students can continue reading and complete assignments for which instructions have already been given. Also, students can choose to read (novels, documentaries, news summaries, etc.). We remind you that during the first week after returning to class, there will be no assignment of homework or exams; a new timetable will be communicated to the students in due course.

Currently, the government does not plan changes to the school calendar or a catch-up plan to recover lessons. If the closure of schools should continue, the Ministry of Education will most certainly issue clear guidelines for the further education of students. The guidelines change from day to day. It is not currently possible to predict what will happen next.

Below are suggestions from FÉEP for websites that can still be very helpful.

We will continue to keep you informed of developments in due course by email. Thank you.

Socrates-Demosthenes Schools

Here is a list of free resources to support you:

For students

Labos Créatifs
Free activities every day at 10:00. It’s free.
Click : brilliantlabs.ca


Free Radio-Canada site with access to educational content including thousands of reports, documentaries, audio content and archival material Click: curio.ca

Site Livres ouverts du MÉES
This site contains 7000 suggested titles of books to read.
Click: livresouverts.qc.ca

For parents

Keeping sane while working from home with children.
Click: nucleiconseils.com

The team from Allô Prof Parents has identified some stimulating activities to try at home. It’s your turn!
Click: https://www.alloprofparents.ca/

For teachers

Help from RÉCITS
Click: campus.recit.qc.ca

The École Branchée magazine for help with distance learning
Click: ecolebranchee.com

High school resources (by subject)
More than 150 sites are proposed in Padlet Ressources éducatives pour le secondaire 
Click: padlet.com/brodeurn/4ecbwszce42e