We are very pleased to announce that once again this year the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal will be offering Greek Proficiency Certification (Ellinomathia), for the students in all its Schools. These proficiency exams in the Greek language are being coordinated by the HCGM’s Supplementary Education Department in conjunction with the Greek State.

An “Ellinomathia” Certificate can be particularly useful to young people who want to attest their knowledge of the Greek language. However, the real value of “Ellinomathia” is not the certification or the diploma. It is the true knowledge of a language which, in addition to opening doors to opportunities, also opens the mind to concepts and thoughts in so many subjects.

From Medicine and Philosophy to Gastronomy and Gardening, words and phrases and concepts of Greek origin are everywhere. Democracy, Dialogue, Policy, but also Cardiology, Arachnophobia, Chlorophyll are terms that clearly “speak” Greek. And only by analyzing the origin of the word can we understand what it means without having to open a dictionary.

A holder of a Certificate in Greek Studies can appreciate the value of the Greek language and the opportunities that it gives them. Please take note of the procedures below for registering your children for the Greek Proficiency Exams as well as a testimonial from Dr. George Tsoukas on this subject.

Take advantage of this opportunity and give your children a gift that will surely open doors for their higher education and careers.

Le Directeur général
Chris Adamopoulos

Ellinomathia – Comment s’inscrire ?

ÉTAPE 1 – Inscription en ligne du 1er février jusqu’au 20 mars 2022 à l’adresse suivante :

ÉTAPE 2 – Paiement des frais d’inscription en ligne à l’adresse suivante :

Les examens auront lieu le 23, 24 et 25 mai 2022 au 5757 avenue Wilderton, H3S 2V7.

Date Horaires Niveau Niveau Tarif

Lundi 23 mai 2022


9H-11H15 Niveau A1
(enfants entre 8-12 ans)
Connaissance élémentaire 98$
11H25-13H50 Niveau A2
(adolescents et adultes)
Connaissance essentielle 118$
14H-16H50 Niveau B1
(adolescents et adultes)
Connaissance moyenne 118$

Mardi 24 mai 2022


Niveau B2
(adolescents et adultes)
Bonne connaissance


12H05-17H Niveau C1
(adolescents et adultes)
Très bonne connaissance 129$
Mercredi 25 mai 2022 9H-15H Niveau C2 (adolescents et adultes) Excellente connaissance 129$

Contact pour plus d’informations ou pour demander des sujets d’examens :

Consultez le site :

Contactez :

Directrice générale
Éducation complémentaire de la CHGM
Responsable du Centre d’examen à Montréal
514 738 2421 Poste 115

Doctor George Tsoukas

Why should we take the Greek Exams Proficiency?

Parents around the globe are now realizing the value of encouraging their children to study a classical language. This is especially true when the teaching is done at a young age as repeated scientific studies have shown that learning a second language at an early age results in the development of extra brain power in the young.

This and other benefits of a classical education have been known for centuries. Understanding classics does not only help to comprehend and embellish one’s own language and culture but it also helps to provide one’s intellect more growth, provide educational maturity and academic excellence.

Worldwide, major universities and colleges are now stressing this important issue. A classical education also and without a doubt advances one’s own career. Proof of having studied in a classical language can catapult a student into the highest ranks and facilitate admission into the toughest of faculty programs such as law, engineering, economics, science and above all the study of medicine.

Am I saying all this for a reason? Yes, of course, I want to pass on a message that people in our community should understand. I am saying it because even the everyday modern Greek that we speak and teach in our local schools is believe it or not for most scholars a classical language! It is the same Greek spoken in the same manner the last 3000 years.

The greatest gift that parents can give to their children especially if they’re of Greek origin is to make sure they learn to speak and to write Greek. Our schools (the Schools of the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal…École Socrates-Démosthène and Supplementary Education), in conjunction with the international learned societies and the Hellenic government furnish a diploma in language proficiency called ELLINOMATHIA.

Knowing Greek and bearing the diploma of ELLINOMATHIA undoubtedly increases the chances of great careers and leads the student to understand the world in a more meaningful way.