Cuts to School Grants have come to an End
The Ministry of Education’s budget for private schools that was finally released this week contains surprisingly good news for private schools in general and our School in particular.
Preliminary analysis of the figures indicates that the Government will not be slashing tuition grants any further for next year. More importantly, the Government has retracted on the third and final cut to our transport grants.
This all translates to great news for you, our families, since we do not foresee raising transport fees any further and any increases to tuition fees will be minimal. Our combined lobbying over this past year has paid dividends and we know the worst from Quebec is over.
The Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal foresees a very bright future for its École Socrates-Démosthène, now that the rough waves have calmed down and dark skies have cleared. Unlike last year around this time when the Ministry of Education introduced drastic cuts to funding, we are ending this school year on a positive note.
Wishing everyone a wonderful end of the school year.