Dear parents and friends,

We have reached the end of the school year during which resilience and perseverance have accompanied us to achieve all these efforts and meet all the challenges.

We have nothing but praise and gratitude to offer you, as your patience and collaboration have been invaluable throughout this school year. What about our remarkable and resilient students, your incredible children… They are the real heroes.

Beyond the obstacles we may have encountered, we have continued to offer educational services aimed at academic excellence in three languages ​​and to contribute to the academic, social and personal development of our students. Recognized by the Ministry of Education as one of the best schools in Quebec, École Socrates-Démosthène fervently maintains its educational mission for your children. On this occasion, we would like to thank our front-line staff, including our wonderful teachers, SDG educators and technicians, management and support staff, as well as our colleagues in  the HCGM services, for their dedication, and the Board of Directors for their invaluable support.

In addition, we inform you that the final report card will be available on the School’s portal from June 30th. Finally, we had the great pleasure of ending this school year with our Grand Gala on June 16 at the Palace Convention Center for the class of 2022. It was a remarkable evening, a great success for all our primary school graduates . On June 21st, at the Socrates II campus, the secondary school graduation ceremony was also a great success for our graduates. We wish our graduates good luck in their future studies. We are convinced that they will all continue to perform very well and achieve their dreams. They will certainly be the best ambassadors that the Socrates-Demosthenes School can have.

Three members of our staff are retiring this year. Eleni Dracopoulou, a generous colleague who will be sorely missed, began her career in 1995 as a teacher of the Greek program at the Socrates III campus in Roxboro and then at the Socrates V campus in Laval. Frances Fotini Liontaris, a dedicated teacher for the 2nd and 3rd cycles, has taught remarkably for the past twenty years in the service of our School and our community. Afrodite Batsakis, passionate about education, much appreciated by her colleagues, students and their parents, has made an exceptional contribution to the administrative stability of our School and our community as an administrative assistant. We thank them warmly and we wish them the best in their future projects.

As for the next school year, a “normal” year is being prepared, with two new projects on which we are working hard:

The first project aims to introduce and integrate digital technology into the educational services of our School, in the field of IT but also in robotics. Through this Digital Action Plan, at the heart of evolution and change, our students will develop their digital skills and practices. A Pilot project will constitute the first phase of the Plan, then will expand and develop throughout the School. The second project that we will put in place aims to implement additional support for students who present learning challenges from preschool to elementary cycle 3.

Next year, our school will resume its many cultural, sports, creative and scientific extracurricular activities including cross-country races, sports festivals and tournaments, trips to Quebec, Ottawa, Greece, etc. In addition, we will see the return of wonderful celebrations for Christmas and national holidays.

We take this opportunity to thank the last CHGM Board of Directors, Andy Crilis, President, Tassia Tsaousis, Secretary of Education, and all the members, for their dedication to our school and our community.

Following recent CHGM elections, a new Board of Directors has been formed. We would like to congratulate the members, especially the new president Dr. George Tsoukas. We wish the best of luck to all the members of the new CHGM administration, which includes several parents from our school. Hand in hand, we will work together to take the Community and our school to new heights.

Finally, we inform you that the campuses will be closed for a few weeks during the summer. For your convenience, the General Office will remain open. For any request or additional information, please contact by email at the following address: and/or by phone at 514-738-2421 x125. We will answer you as soon as possible.