The choir students of the Socrates II campus have been practicing their Greek Kalanta during the lunch hour so that they could go sing at various shops around the area.


Sponsored by the parents’ committee of Socrates II, the event had 57 participants, from grade two to high school, girls and boys. Our choirmaster, Mr Dimitri Ilias, Mr John, Mrs Eirni, teachers, and Mrs Georgia, the director of Socrates II and the chairwoman of the parents’ committee Mrs Demetra Bakalis, accompanied our little singers. They were greeted with open arms at all the places where the Greeks meet, Café Olympico, Social Café, Ergatikos Syllogos, Café Navarino and Buymore butcher shop. Traditional tunes delighted all spectators. We would like to thank all the people we met that applauded our youngsters and gave money to encourage them.


The choir even visited the Jewish General Hospital to offer songs to the sick.Displaying
Our sincere congratulations to all involved.  Looking forward to seeing them again next year!