Parliament welcomes the Spartans of Demosthenes

The Spartans (grade 6 class) of the Demosthenes campus visited the Center Block of the Canadian Parliament on September 13th, reproducing the process of creating a law.
Subsequently, they visited the Supreme Court of Canada where a simulated trial was conducted by some students.

Finally, at the Royal Canadian Mint, in addition to becoming almost millionaires for a few seconds holding a real gold bullion in their hands, they saw how coins (and investment), gold and in silver, are made in Canada. It must be said that the Royal Mint is the only company producing exceptionally pure coins: 99.999%
From this cultural journey, the Spartans will have to produce a handwritten text in French using the information gathered during one of the visits.
In a team of three, the students will present a short oral summary with a PowerPoint slideshow in front of their classmates. Photos taken by the students will be integrated into their presentation.
A rewarding experience with lots of laughter for all involved.
The Socrates-Demosthenes School