Students in Nova Scotia saw a classmate being harassed for wearing a pink shirt. They decided to do something. They succeeded in mobilizing a large group of students to wear a pink shirt in order to send a non-violent message to the bullies that their actions were unacceptable. The next day, the victimized student arrives at school and sees several students from all grade levels wearing pink. Word of this move then spread through schools across Canada. The actions of these boys sparked the creation of “Pink Shirt Day” against bullying across the country.

The Socrates-Demosthenes School obviously participated in this event.

At Demosthenes :

The Demosthenes campus is proud to support the cause! Starting from an English project, the students got involved in promoting peace and saying no to violence.

 At Socrates IV :

Dressed in pink on February 24th, the students and staff of Socrates IV took part in the International Day against bullying !!
No, no, no, to bullying !!
Yes, yes, yes, with kind words and gestures !!

At Socrates V :
Here are pictures from the Annex Intimidation Awareness Day.

Well done! Each burst of pink is like a light that gradually erases bullying!

L’École Socrates-Démosthène