A tale of ancient Greece set to music by the Greek composer Giannis Georgantelis and destined to become the children’s book and CD: “The Gold of King Midas”, has become the rendez-vous point of 450 children from 22 different schools and 60 distinct cultural backgrounds.
Our Socrates-Demosthenes students were the cultural ambassadors of this great event. They did not just sing: they gave interviews, socialized with the other young singers, and guided the parents by making them visit the Hellenic Community Center. The three pupils below, Frideriki Tassis, Stella Karageorgos and Anastasia Kalfopoulos have been members of the choir for more than 4 years. They are heads of section and particularly engaged in the whole operation.

Maria Diamantis and Dimitris Ilias, project managers, expressed their sincere appreciation and gratitude to all the children for their superb performance at the press conference and to their parents for their unfailing support.
The Socrates-Demosthenes School and the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal were represented by its Vice-Chair, Andy Crilis, and the Director General, Chris Adamopoulos, both of whom stressed the importance of extracurricular activities for student enrichment, especially on such a large scale.

The participating school boards were The English Montreal School Board with 9 schools, Marguerite-Bourgeoys with 5 and Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier with 8.

Four television stations, three radio stations and dozens of representatives of the print media covered the event. Below are links to several of the stories on this subject.

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Our students were eloquent, well-prepared, and courteous, and greatly impressed the assembly, while our school administrators had the opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss educational issues and socialize With their counterparts in other schools.
A great BRAVO to all our singers.
The Socrates-Demosthenes School