For all of us, the Holiday Season is a joyous and festive occasion where we get together with family and friends to celebrate. It is also a time to reflect. Here at Socrates et Démosthène, we’ve taking this time to reflect on who we are. Our educational institution has been operating for over one hundred years, and even though many great things have been accomplished over the course of time we are not resting on our laurels. We constantly evolve while aiming for higher standards and progressively achieving our goals. Our students, your children, are proof of this. Their academic achievement in all fields is exceptional. It is no wonder that the majority of our graduates are accepted into the private high school of their choice, most preferring the French sector and passing their entrance exams without difficulty.

One of our main goals remains to prepare your children for post-primary studies and for the challenges they will encounter later in life. It all begins with our advanced programs, with the incomparable cognitive stimulation, structured self-development and cultural values instilled in our students as they advance through our system. Regardless of how proficient they are when they enroll, they all graduate fully trilingual in French, Greek and English. Their diplomas are distributed through a spectacular graduation ceremony which is, at a later date, followed by a memorable trip to Greece.

Our team of educators is here to enrich your child’s academic experience through a first-rate, dynamic and diverse learning environment. Every effort has been made by our school to provide this motivating and rewarding educational milieu. And in our safe and secure facilities, as parents, you will appreciate why our students, your children, acquire a unique sense of belonging to their school. Few educational institutions boast this rare family feel.

We take pride in the fact that we incorporate new technologies in the curriculum, in all sectors. Along with the language programs, our school offers physical education and computer technology with a specialist, an array of enriched cultural activities, as well as an enhanced extra-curricular and inter-scholastic program where children can further develop their talents in a series of clubs, teams and specialized activities. Furthermore, we also offer an enriched after school program the Service éducatif parascolaire, available daily and on pedagogical days for students to complete their homework with the assistance of educators and participate in supervised socio-recreational activities.

With the support of the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal and in tandem with the parents’ committees, we have been able to implement change, grow and improve. Short, medium, long-term objectives that were set, combined with all our relentless efforts, have come into fruition these past few years.

Upon reflection, we have transformed into an avant-garde school with purpose, pride, and vision. A school, that has set the standard in academic excellence. That’s who we are!

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal, the faculty and support staff of Socrates et Démosthène and the head office personnel, we want to wish you the very best during this Holiday Season.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year!

The General Director
Chris Adamopoulos