We are proud and very pleased with our success and with the outcome of our participation at the Montreal Families Education Fair in the West Island, last Sunday. Not only did we have the nicest, most attractive and complete display (by far), that promoted our School, more importantly it all translated to numerous confirmed registrations for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten next year.
This year, we again had a lot of interest in our School and definitely a lot of families serious on sending their children our way. This annual Fair caters to parents that want their children to attend private institutions and it really feels good to know that Socrates-Démosthène is a serious contender for their business and a serious player in the field.
The General Director, Chris Adamopoulos, the Director of Socrates II, Georgia Tsakalis, and the Director of Démosthène, Matrona Mavrakis, were present to promote our School, our Community and our mission. It was a busy and fruitful afternoon.
We want to thank Pat Kyriakou, Antonia Stefanopoulos, Athanasios Papanicolopoulos and all the wonderful people at Loft Uniforms, who loaned our School their amazing display booth and who took the time to set it up, integrated TV and all.
And last but not least, we wish to thank Ilias Bardouniotis and everyone else that contributed towards our fantastic power-point presentation.
Looking forward to our Open House in early November, and another great school year.
L’École Socrates-Démosthène