The Our Kids educational fair provides parents with answers to questions they have about choosing their children’s school. Socrates-Demosthenes had a superb kiosk on September 10th, at the Mount Royal Center, visited by many parents of the School, accompanied by their acquaintances. The fair attracted more than 1,000 visitors.
Our booth was led by Diane Trudel, Georgia Tsakalis, Chris Filandrianos, and General Director, Chris Adamopoulos.
People who had never heard of our school were duly impressed by everything they saw and heard. All visitors were invited to our open house  from November 5th to 8th in all our campuses.
You are invited to the second fair that we are attending on September 24 at the Holiday Inn in Pointe-Claire. This is definitely an experience to attend!

We would like to thank Les Uniformes Loft for the splendid display and Anastasios Papanicolopoulos who helped us to mount it.
The Socrates-Demosthenes School