Arrival in Athens. Bus trip for a visit to the Isthmus of Corinth, a natural wonder not to be missed …

Dinner, full moon, ice cream and bedtime in Monemvasia.

Visit of the spectacular cave in Kastania and more gastronomic moments.

Our students got the chance to be junior archeologists and went looking for vestiges of the past near a village buried under water centuries ago.

After a long search on the site, our junior archaeologists were able to eat different pizzas and enjoy an excellent ice cream.

The travelers surprised Demi (Dimitra Psillos) for her 12th birthday and prepared her for a wonderful surprise. Having a party in Greece is remarkable and unforgettable. She was lucky!

Visit of the castle of Monemvasia in high heat but the landscape was a dream. Our students are getting ready for the morning activites with Mrs. Vanna and Ms. Fotini. They created a Monemvasia time line. Then they followed the path of the fortified city.

We thank Mrs. Maria, Mrs. Vanna, Mrs. Fotini and Mr. Niko from the Kentro Perivalontos who visited Monemvasia with our students.

In addition, we thank Ms. Fanny, who in two days organized her dance troupe to come for an hour-long presentation on the evening of June 19th. Finally, a big thank you to all the children and parents of Molai.


The kids had fun in the water at KOA Beach Club, located on the Xrisi Akti, near the villages of Gargalianoi and Marathopoli. They even dined on the beach.

Then, in Marathopoli, they went on a little cruise to the island of Proti. Captain Yannis Terizakis loaned diving masks to all the students. He also gave a juice and a gift to each young person. This is the fourth year in a row that Proti Cruises has been taking our students to Proti Island to swim in the beautiful turquoise blue waters. They were able to swim to the wreck of a ship bombed during World War II. We would like to thank Captain Yannis Terizakis, his wife Sofia Dimopoulou and the little captain Artemis for offering us a free cruise on June 20, 2019.

Olympia. Our travelers dined on the beautiful terrace of the hotel. Then they visited the ancient site of Olympia, venue of the first Olympic Games in antiquity.

The guide Nikoletta Paleologou explains the history of this ancient site to our students in Greek and French.

Congratulations to all the students who ran in the same stage as the ancestral athletes. Our Olympic champion is Christo Calogria, but everyone was entitled to a victorious final.

And the voyage continues with a visit to Mycenes.

from the famous Epidaurus Theater with its amazing acoustics and then Nafplio.

The trip ends with a stop in the majestic city of Athens and the infamous Acropolis.

The trip to Greece this year has even surpassed the magnificent success of all previous versions. After a busy week of activities in majestic Greece, our students will have precious memories to tell their family and friends, and that will last them the rest of their lives.

The Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal wishes to take this opportunity to thank our two incredible and tireless educators who, once again, have made every effort to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your children throughout this unparalleled educational experience. Congratulations to Lison Thibault and Christos Filandrianos. We are very proud to have such committed employees.
We also want to thank Objectif Terre, which has been so helpful and professional to us since our first effort six years ago. And we must express our heartfelt gratitude to Maria Roussis, from the office of the Director General of the Socrates-Demosthenes School, who has once again overcome innumerable logistical details to help ensure the magnificent result with efficiency and tact for all interested parties

We would like to thank our colleagues and educational guides in Greece who are happy, each year, to enrich the lives of our students. And most importantly, dear parents, we would like to thank you for having trusted Socrates-Demosthenes for the education and well-being of your children.

Have a great summer … and see you at next year’s trip!

L’École Socrates-Démosthène