They were 164 students from the Socrates-Demosthenes School who wondered if they were even going to have a graduation ceremony this year. The parents’ committees and campus staff responded to the challenge that the event represented, both inside and outside the school. And all while following the directives of public health. Remarkable.

Several representatives of the board of directors of the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal, including President Andy Crilis, attended the various events.

At the Demosthenes campus:

Congratulations to our 2020 graduates. We are very proud of each of them. Our historic year full of adventures was as memorable as it was trying. Our students were able to overcome challenges in an exceptional way and gain experience to prepare them for all the hazards of life.

Despite the challenging circumstances, we are pleased to have had the chance to celebrate their achievements. Once again, congratulations to the champions.

At the Socrates II campus:

At École Socrates-Démosthène, campus II, the grade 6 graduation took place outside, in the school playground, on Tuesday, June 23rd. The ceremony was an intimate gathering of students, brothers and sisters and parents in order to respect social distance and hygiene rules.

The 6th grade teachers, as well as their first kindergarten teacher, Mme. Liane, the principal, the secretary, the lunch monitors, Kyria Filitsa and Kyria Marina, as well as the director general were present.

The ceremony began with a prayer from pater Demetrios, then a brief welcome by the principal, Mme. Georgia.

Students received prizes from our various sponsors, their diploma, a gift certificate and a cupcake from Laurence pastry shop. Graduation programs were also distributed in keeping with the tradition of previous years, when this ceremony took place in a reception hall.

Mr. Sgourakis, from Mediterranean Disco, kept the festive atmosphere with Greek music, and Victor, the photographer from Green Apple Studio, captured every moment with his camera. The whole ceremony was kindly offered by the parents’ committee.

We wish all graduates success, happiness and good luck in their future.

At the Socrates III campus :

On Friday, June 19th, the parents made a parade of cars. They started at 9 a.m. and visited each graduating home. All students received a sign placed on the lawn. On the sign it was written: Congratulations on graduating from the Socrates-Demosthenes School Socrates III campus. In addition, each student received a gift bag and a delicious cupcake decorated with a mortar. The children were also able to take photos together.

On Saturday, June 20th, each family received an invitation for the presentation of diplomas and / or prizes of excellence (we respected the directives of Public Health). The children wore a toga and a mortar. The parents’ committee hired a decorator for the graduation. There was also a professional photographer who took several photos of the graduates with their diplomas, their plaques and their family members (parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, godparents, godmothers and grandparents).

Several teachers were present: Gianni Bodo, Diane Meunier, Frances Liontaris, Chris Stathopoulos, Mary Maglieri, Elli Mandalenakis. Chris Adamopoulos visited us, as well as Tasia Tsaousis, member of the board of directors of the HCGM.

Katherine Divolis, Matthew’s mother sent this charming note which denotes all the pride of a mother for her son.

Like many grads this year, my son also was deprived of a real graduation. But his school really went above and beyond to bring joy to our kids yesterday. Today, Matthew was rewarded for being an outstanding student!
-Prix d’excellence en français
-Prix d’excellence en anglais
Matthew is very humble about it all and that is so special about him:)

You can see videos of the joyous, family car parade by clicking here. You can also get an idea of the atmosphere in the school by clicking here.

At the Socrates IV campus:

At Socrates IV, we gathered our seven graduates in the gymnasium of our school on Tuesday, June 23rd, for their graduation. It is with great joy, excitement, and emotion that they met again and received their awards and diplomas. We are extremely proud of their journey and their success.

At the Socrates V campus:

It is with great emotion that the graduates of the Socrates V campus experienced their end of year ceremonies. The festivities began on Monday, June 22nd, with the signing of the albums and were followed by a long-awaited reunion in the schoolyard. It was on Tuesday, June 23rd, that the graduation ceremony took place in a sumptuous setting. Congratulations to all!

You can see the video of those beautiful moments by clicking here. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent his own wishes to all primary school graduates. You can watch the video by clicking here.

We would like to highlight the retirement of these wonderful women:

Eleni Dracopolou greek teacher at Socrates V
Frances Liontaris greek teacher at Socrates III
May Tabet éducatrice de français à Socrates III
Malika Kerdougli enseignante de français à Socrates II

We are very grateful, ladies. You have generously shared your knowledge and your love; our students are much richer for having known you.

So many people attended these graduation celebrations across our campuses. Our thanks go to all the staff of the Socrates-Demosthenes School, to the graduation committees, to all the parents and parents’ committees who worked with great imagination to produce these unique events. If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that all of us have accomplished wonders by working together.

A big thank you to all the parents of our graduates: you entrusted us with the education of your children and we are proud of it.

And our congratulations, of course, to our 164 graduates. The future is before you, dive in without fear: no one is better equipped than you!

Socrates-Demosthenes School 

2020 Award Winners

We warmly thank all of our sponsors who made these awards possible.

Prix d’excellence en grec: La fondation Tsiolis  

  1.  Démosthène :              Chrisoula Argiropoulos
  2.  Socrates V 661 :          Spiros Tsolakis                
  3.  Socrates V 662 :          George Theodoropoulos  
  4.  Socrates  IV :                Marina Kikiris                                 
  5.  Socrates  III :                Elpida Trohatos                             
  6.  Socrates III :                 Panagiota Trohatos                      
  7.  Socrates  II 661 :         Vrisiis-Sophia Mavros      
  8.  Socrates  II 662 :         Elena Kritikos                                 

2e Prix d’excellence en grec : La Fondation Tsiolis  

  1.  Démosthène :             Alexander Tosikyan                      
  2.  Socrates V 661 :          Panayiotis Alevizos           
  3.  Socrates V 662 :          Nikolaos Diamantopoulos
  4.  Socrates  III :                Ismini Skentzos                              
  5.  Socrates III :                 Lukas Ferentinos              
  6.  Socrates  II 661 :         Chrissoula Kallianiotis      
  7.  Socrates  II 662 :         Eliana Meligrigoris  

Prix d’excellence en français : James Hutchison, président d’AHEPA Montréal et Manos Christofidis, vice-président d’AHEPA 

  1.  Démosthène :              Theo Chaanine                
  2.  Socrates V 661 :          Aristomenis  Arvanitis
  3.  Socrates V 662 :           George Theodoropoulos           
  4.  Socrates  IV :                Éliana Ziabaras               
  5.  Socrates  III :                Zachary Stroubakis
  6.  Socrates III :                 Matthew Vouloukos
  7.  Socrates  II 661 :         Chrissoula Kallianiotis      
  8.  Socrates  II 662 :         Elena Kritikos          

Prix d’excellence en anglais : Irene Brintalos, Centre d’apprentissage Oxford Learning et les comités de parents :

  1. Démosthène :                 Jorgio-Angelo Younan
  2.  Socrates V 661 :            Athena Katsipis   
  3.  Socrates V 662 :            Anthony Buono             
  4.  Socrates  IV :                 Angelina Macri
  5.  Socrates  III :                 Matthew Vouloukos
  6.  Socrates III:                   Elpida Trohatos
  7.  Socrates  II 661 :          Sophia Politis
  8.  Socrates  II 662 :          Elena Kritikos        

Prix d’effort en français : Les comités de parents 

  1. Démosthène :     Stefania Karabatsos        
  2.  Socrates V 661 :          Sara Meletakos                
  3.  Socrates V 662 :          Stefanos Makridis           
  4.  Socrates  IV :               Arianne Tsakiris     
  5.  Socrates  III :                Evanthea Stroubakis
  6.  Socrates III :                 Victor Mantino
  7.  Socrates  II 661 :         Alexia Kormas         
  8.  Socrates  II 662 :         Katerina Stathopoulos
  9. Socrates   II 662:          Nicholas Bras

Prix d’effort en grec :  La fondation Tsiolis 

  1. Démosthène :                Kylie Copocean                 
  2.  Socrates V 661 :          Alexandros Georgiou       
  3.  Socrates V 662 :          Giannis Flores-Trougakos
  4.  Socrates  IV :                Ariane Tsakiris                    
  5.  Socrates  III :                Matthew Vouloukos            
  6.  Socrates III :                 Victor Mantino                
  7.  Socrates  II 661 :         Mariana Papakostas         
  8. Socrates  II 662 :          Katerina Stathopoulos                                   

Prix d’excellence en mathématique : Christos Sirros et Peggy Sifakis,  La fondation éducationnelle Socrates 

  1. Démosthène :               Jorgio-Angelo Younan              
  2.  Socrates V 661 :          Konstantinos Atsalis                   
  3.  Socrates V 662 :          Anthony Buono               
  4.  Socrates  IV :               Christos Rigas         
  5.  Socrates  III :                Lucas Ferentinos
  6. Socrates    III :               Elpida Trohatos                
  7.  Socrates  II 661 :         Vrisiis-Sofia Mavros        
  8. Socrates   II 662 :         Timothée Laberge
  9. Socrates   II 662 :         Eliana Meligrigoris

Prix de persévérance : Catherine et Chris Papachristou,  RE/MAX 2000  CP :

  1. Démosthène :               Vlad Micu Tistu
  2. Démosthène :               Katerina Danielidis
  3.  Socrates V 661 :          Kassia Tsalikis
  4.  Socrates V 661 :          Steven Mastrantonis
  5.  Socrates V 662 :          Melina Hakimian
  6.  Socrates V 662 :          George Farfaras                         
  7.  Socrates  IV :               Charlie-Maria Johnson
  8.  Socrates IV :                Éliana Ziabaras
  9.  Socrates  III :                Konstantinos Hadziaras
  10. Socrates III :                  Katerina Bagiotas 
  11. Socrates III :                  Marianna Grigoropoulos
  12. Socrates III :                  Michael Nammour
  13.  Socrates  II 661 :          Emmanuela Savvina  Zois
  14.  Socrates II 661 :           Panagiotis Nikoloulias
  15.  Socrates  II 662 :          Irene Tsirigotis       
  16.  Socrates II 662 :           Panayiota Paige Kanellopoulos

Prix d’excellence en éducation physique :  Michael Mastronikolas,  Charisma Realties , et Jimmy Nikolidakis, président du groupe  Miron

  1.  Démosthène :              Chrisoula Argiropoulos   
  2.  Démosthène :              Jorgio-Angelo Younan     
  3.  Socrates V 661 :          Chrisoula Akalestos                                        
  4.  Socrates V 661 :          Nikolaos Kavadas                      
  5.  Socrates V 662 :          Eleni Moustakis               
  6.  Socrates V 662 :          Charles-Anthony Kosak    
  7.  Socrates  IV :                Angelina Macri               
  8.  Socrates IV :                 Fotis Mixael Papadakis   
  9.  Socrates  III :                Konstantinos Hadziaras  
  10. Socrates III :                  Dimitrios Tsimberis
  11.  Socrates III :                 Kanella Papageorgiou
  12.  Socrates III :                 Katerina Stathiakis
  13. Socrates  II 661 :           Anthea Lymberopoulos   
  14. Socrates II 661 :            Anastasios Nikolopoulos
  15. Socrates II 662 :            Irene Tsirigotis       
  16. Socrates II 662 :            Matheo Lazanis
  17. Socrates II 662 :            Efstratios Couvas

Prix d’excellence en danse:  La fondation Tsiolis  

  1. Démosthène :               Theo Chaanine                   
  2. Démosthène :               Stephania Karabatsos      
  3.  Socrates V 661 :          Athena Katsipis                  
  4. Socrates V 662 :           Apostolis Mihas                 
  5. Socrates V 661 :           Ioanna Kolokithas             
  6. Socrates V 662 :           Demetrios Kiliaris              
  7. Socrates  IV :                Marina Kikiris                                 
  8. Socrates IV:                  Foti Michael Papadakis 
  9. Socrates  III :                Ismini Skentzou                             
  10. Socrates III :                 Elena Melas
  11. Socrates III:                  Athanasios Bagiotas    
  12. Socrates III :                 Ilias Nammour            
  13. Socrates  II 661:           Alexia Kormas                      
  14. Socrates II 661 :           Argyro Zarouhliotis
  15. Socrates II 661:            Gerry Antonatos    
  16. Socrates II 662 :            Nikolaos Bras                      
  17. Socrates II 662 :            Eliana Meligrigoris  

Prix de personnalité : La Communauté hellénique du Grand Montréal 

  1. Démosthène :          Alexia Katiforis
  2. Socrates V   661 :   Katerina Myrianthopoulos
  3. Socrates V  662 :    Charles-Anthony Kosak
  4. Socrates IV:            Marina Kikiris
  5. Socrates III   :          Rigas Rigopoulos
  6. Socrates III :            Victor Mantino
  7. Socrates II 661 :      Sophia Politis
  8. Socrates II 662 :      Elena Kritikos

Prix du président : Communauté hellénique du Grand Montréal 

  1. Démosthène :  Chrisoula Argiropoulos
  2. Socrates V   :    Panayiotis Alevizos        
  3. Socrates IV   :   Christos Rigas
  4. Socrates III  :    Panagiota Trohatos
  5. Socrates II   :    Elena Kritikos