Dear Parents and Friends,

The Minister of Education has announced the gradual reopening of schools across Quebec over the next few weeks. École Socrates-Démosthène will be welcoming back its students on May 19, 2020. Elementary schools in regions outside Montreal will reopen one week prior. To ensure social distancing only 15 students will be permitted per classroom, as Minister Jean–François Roberge has stated. He also stipulated that this return to school is optional for elementary students.

Parents are not required to send their elementary aged children back to school. Some parents may choose to keep their child at home if, for example, the child or someone else in the home has a weak immune system. Parents will be contacted by our campus administrators over the next few days to see how many children will be returning to school on May 19. More information will provided as we have started the planning and organizing for the return to class.

High school services will not be offered in school though will not be offered until the Fall. Our high school teachers will continue working from a distance with their students until the end of the school year. The Quebec government will also continue to offer educational and learning activities online, even when the teachers return to class, to help accommodate students that will remain at home.

The Minister has announced that strict sanitary guidelines will be applied to our school buildings. We intend to follow all protocols set out by the Ministry of Education and the Santé publique in order to ensure that our staff and students remain safe.

There will an opportunity, by invitation, for parents to pick up their child’s belongings at the school. More information from your campus administrators. For now, teachers and staff will continue their distance relationship with their students and their parents their students.

École Socrates-Démosthène will also be providing SEP daycare services as of May 19. Specific details will follow.

Furthermore, our School will also have access to its bus transport system. As the Minster has announced, drivers will be protected with a barrier. The campus administration will be following up with you for this service as well.

In the meantime, we will once again go through every inch of our campuses to assure they are completely disinfected and ready to recieve our students and their educators.

Welcome back!

The Director General,

Chris Adamopoulos

Vous trouverez ci-dessous une lettre adressée à vous , les parents, de la part du ministre Roberge, ainsi qu’un document informatif par la suite.