Niko Kremmydiotis is in 3rd year at the Socrates II campus. In lieu of party favors, eight-year-old Niko began raising money for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Society in memory of his grandmother, Yiayia Asimina. His goal was initially to collect at least $ 300. However, in just four months, he raised just over $ 2,100.
Clearly, age is not an obstacle to the desire to raise money and make an impact. In addition to making his own version of the Ice Bucket Challenge, Niko introduced his mission to his class and teachers, and set up a kiosk at a local fitness center to sell the bookmarks he had created with the help of his mother and father.
His fundraising efforts even accompanied him on a trip during the summer, when he brought his bookmarks with him on vacation to sell to family members and friends.
“This initiative has been a great learning experience for him and for all of us,” says his mother, Katerina. “His fundraising efforts for the ALS Society of Canada forced him out of his comfort zone. They helped him discover that he could do more than he thought. We are so proud of him! “
The entire Socrates-Demosthenes School is proud of you, Niko!
Bravo, Nikos!
For National Volunteer Week (April 15 and 21), ALS Canada was running a week-long series on their blog and social media to highlight some of the ways in which volunteers make the work of ALS Canada possible. We are very proud to inform you that Campus II Socrates-Démosthène Grade 3 student Nikolas Kremmydiotis was featured in their blog. Please click on the title to read it. “Young fundraisers making a big impact.”
Eight-year-old Niko started fundraising for ALS Canada in memory of his grandmother, Yiayia Asimina. His initial goal was to raise at least $300 — but in just four months, he raised a little over $2,100.
Well done Nikos! Congratulations.
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