Demosthenes is the provincial champion in Volleyball!
On Saturday, April 28, the Demosthenes campus lived one of the greatest moments in its sporting history. At the provincial mini volleyball tournament in Quebec City, 50 high-caliber volleyball teams from across Quebec gathered together.

After a preliminary round in which the teams played long matches, it was necessary to wait until the afternoon to seal the fate of each team. While students watched with interest the exploits of visiting colleges,  the organizers compiled the outcome of the afternoon.
After compilation of the statistics of the preliminary round, the goal was now known for the 3 teams of Demosthenes. The goal was very simple. 4 games! You have to win 4 games and the team reaches the final.
A first!
2 teams of Demosthenes succeeded the feat. They won their 4 games and had a rendezvous in the final in their respective division. It was a first in the history of the school that at least one team went to the provincial final. The team Demosthenes A (name given by the organization of the tournament) was going to be the one who was going to compete first with their rival of division A, also undefeated. Despite a thrilling match and a game that delighted the spectators present, Demosthenes lost but still remained a finalist. This was the first time our campus had completed this provincial tournament with such honor. A pride for us!
The consecration!
A little later, it is the turn of the second Demosthenes team to face their section rival, also undefeated in their 4 games following the preliminary round.  The tension is at its maximum, as much for the students as for the supporters of each team.
In short, it was a real tight final match. 25-24 Demosthenes … Our team scored a point, but the referee refused it as an incomplete rotation for the opposing team. The other team managed to get the ball back and send it to our side. After a strategic pass, Demosthenes impeccably places the ball near the sidelines. The opposing team retrieves the ball in the headline, but it touches the post that holds the net. Match finished: 26-24.
It’s euphoria! DEMOSTHENES IS A PROVINCIAL CHAMPION! Parents, students and Éric, the physical education teacher at the Demosthenes campus, are jubilant. Another first in campus history! These moments will  forever be etched in the memory of the students, parents and teachers who were present.
We thank the students for their efforts, the parents for their support, and Eric Bouchard, for his involvement and his teaching.

You can also watch two videos on our Facebook site:
Our most enthusiastic congratulations. All the Socrates-Demosthenes School and the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal are so proud of you all!

L’École Socrates-Démosthène