On Friday, June 15, 2018, the graduation ceremony of École Socrates-Démosthène of the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal (CHGM) took place in a reception room of the Royal Castle in Laval. Graduates have reached a milestone in their young lives by receiving their diplomas during a moving ceremony they will remember for a long time.
We would like to congratulate them all, and wish them the best of luck in high school, where we are sure they will be excellent ambassadors for Socrates-Demosthène.
Ce fut un événement plein d’émotions, une célébration des connaissances, des efforts et des réalisations des 155 élèves remarquables de l’École Socrates-Démosthène et de leurs 29 enseignantes et enseignants dévoués. Nos fiers étudiants portant leurs toges bleues ont pris la scène pour recevoir leurs diplômes. Plus de 1200 personnes, parents, grands-parents, amis et famille, étaient là pour les soutenir et honorer leur succès.
The event began with a prayer by Fathers Dimitrios Antonopoulos and Athanasios Giokas. Then the excellent emcees, Elli Mandelanakis and Christo Filandrianos (teacher and director of Socrates III), presented in turn the vice-president and secretary of education of the CHGM, Zoi Batsis, the general manager, Chris Adamopoulos as well that campus directions: Georgia Tsakalis of Socrates II, Diane Trudel of Socrates IV, Ghislaine Langlois of Socrates V and Chris Katiforis of Demosthenes.
They were followed by the first promotion, Christina Mihalakos, student of Socrates II who read a composition of his best memories of the School Socrates-Demosthenes in Greek and Christofili Dimakis of Socrates V, who did the same in French.
In addition to their degrees, many of our outstanding students have received awards for excellence in the various subjects covered during the school year.
Five retiring female teachers were honored after collectively marking generations of Socrates-Demosthenes children with passion and devotion: Micheline Turcot, Socrates II Campus, Eugenie Mosconas, Socrates III Campus, Diane Meunier, Socrates III campus, Madeleine Leduc, Socrates V campus, and Joanne Lavertu and Evangelia Tsalkidou, Démosthène campus.


An honorary diploma was awarded to the Honorable Senator Leo Housakos, by CHGM Vice-Chair Andy Crilis, as well as Ms. Batsis and Mr. Adamopoulos for his achievements and ongoing support for our School.
Tassos Xipolitakis of the CHGM Fundraising Committee presented Zoi Batsis and Chris Adamopoulos with a check for $ 290,000, while Michael Patsatzis and Peggy Sifakis of the Socrate Educational Foundation presented a check for $ 62,066. We sincerely thank them for all the work and all the benefits that these amounts represent.
Our students also sang, under the direction of Maria Diamantis, our unparalleled choirmaster, a piece that could not be more appropriate for the occasion, “The Song of Farewells”.
The evening continued late into the night, with lots of dancing where everyone could channel their overflow of energy.
We would like to thank everyone who participated directly or indirectly in this wonderful event: the students themselves, the school teams, the parents’ committees, the sponsors and our faithful photographer, Harry Babaroutsis.
Congratulations to all of you! Until next year!