More than 2000 people gathered at the Palace Reception Hall on October 26th to celebrate the launch of King Midas’s children’s book and opera CD.

The project’s musical directors, Maria Diamantis and Dimitris Ilias, did great things for their little singers, bringing them in a limousine to a red carpet launch in an imposing room.
The evening’s program featured a moving performance of five of the CD’s songs, followed by speeches by various dignitaries, including Senator Leo Housakos and Andy Crilis, executive vice-president of the CHGM. It goes without saying that many media were present.
To conclude the evening, the public was treated to a book signing by the 25 students of Socrates-Demosthenes School who happily signed autographs. At the end of the event, each chorister received a commemorative medal on the theme of The Gold of the Midas King.
The children also had the chance to meet the composer of the opera, Giannis Georgantelis, who came from Athens especially for the event as well as the illustrator of the book, 3 times winner of the Governor General’s Award, Philippe Béha.
Zoi Batsis, Education Secretary of the CHGM, Chris Adamopoulos, Director General of the Socrates-Demosthenes School and Chris Filandrianos, Director of Socrates III, were present to share the joy. Not to mention Senator Leos Housakos and Nick Papapanos, sponsor and dad of a pupil of Socrates-Demosthenes.
This wonderful musical adventure with children’s CD-books started 13 years ago thanks to the CHGM. The first CD-book, entitled Ο Εγωιστής Γίγαντας and produced in collaboration with the Athenian publishing house KEDROS, featured a choir of 23 students from the Socrates-Demosthenes School. Since that day, the students of our school have been the best ambassadors and Socrates-Demosthenes is at the heart of each of Dimitris and Maria’s projects. We congratulate and thank them warmly.
The last event closing the Midas project is coming. The 2017 Salon du Livre and its director Francine Bois honored these wonderful singers by inviting them to sing on their main stage on Sunday, November 19th at 11 am.  Please follow this link for more information:
Socrates-Demosthenes School