All those who have ever participated in the Greek community’s street events know this: Mr. Eftihios Markrymanolakis makes excellent souvlaki. He is easily recognizable by his spectacular moustache and his kindness. But the story does not end there. Mr. Markrymanolakis has a huge heart. He cares a lot for our School and the future of Hellenism in Quebec. With his association, the St. Eftychios Philanthropic Organization he devotes much time, year round, to raise money for the needs of Socrates-Démosthène, often simply with the sale of souvlaki at their doorstep.
 Thus, for over three years, Mr. Markrymanolakis annually donates a substantial amount to École  Socrates-Démosthène, just to give a helping hand. It is with deep gratitude that we wish to pay tribute to the many acts of generosity, large and small, that he quietly performs with his organization.
 Thank you very much, Mr. Markrymanolakis.