On Friday, June 14, the graduation ceremony for the 2019 promotion of the Socrates-Demosthenes School of the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal (HCGM) took place in a reception hall of Le Chateau in Laval. Graduating students have reached a milestone in their young lives by receiving their diplomas during a moving ceremony they will remember for a long time.
We would like to congratulate them all, and wish them the best of luck in high school, where we are sure they will be excellent ambassadors for Socrates-Demosthenes. As we celebrate 110 years of academic and global excellence, our students received the best wishes of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a video that you can see by clicking here.
It was an emotional event, a celebration of the knowledge, efforts and achievements of the 152 outstanding students of the Socrates-Demosthenes School and their dedicated teachers. Our proud students wearing their blue togas took the stage to receive their diplomas. More than 1,200 people, parents, grandparents, friends, and family were there to support and honor their success.

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The event began with a prayer from Father Vassili Tsaprailis. Then the impeccable master of ceremonies Christo Filandrianos (director of Socrates III), introduced in turn the Vice President and Secretary of Education of CHGM, Zoi Batsis, Aliki Daher, the Secretary of Complementary Education, Chris Adamopoulos, the director general of the School, as well as the campus directors: Georgia Tsakalis of Socrates II, Diane Trudel of Socrates IV, Ghislaine Langlois of Socrates V and Chris Katiforis of Demosthenes. The Greek Consul, Mr. Michalis Gavriilidis, said a few words to congratulate the students.

They were followed by the first of promotions, Sophia Tsagaroulis, student of Socrates III who read a composition of her best memories of the School Socrates-Demosthenes in French and Ioannis Morfopos of Demosthenes, who did the same in Greek.
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In addition to their degrees, many of our outstanding students have received awards for excellence in the various subjects covered during the school year (see list at the end of this text).
Four great retiring ladies were honored after collectively marking generations of children of the Socrates-Demosthenes School with passion and devotion: Anna Georgiadis, the genial secretary and adoptive mother of the Socrates V campus; Juliana Embriaco, the energetic kindergarten teacher on the Demosthenes campus, who set the pace for crowds of students as soon as they entered our School; Marie-Alixe Archer, the smiling teacher of the Socrates II campus, who taught your children, and our students, with great eloquence, not only the prescribed program, but also, in doing so, she has taught us all to appreciate the arts; and Joyce Timotheatos, the ubiquitous teacher of so many kindergarten classes, well loved by her students and peers.

The honorary degree was awarded to Zoi Batsis and Aliki Daher by HCGM president Andy Crilis for their countless achievements and ongoing support for our School.

Peggy Sifakis and Xenia Vrouvides of the Socrate Educational Foundation presented a check for $ 39,686.40 to the School. We thank them sincerely for all the work and all the benefits that this sum represents.

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Annie Koutrakis, the newly elected HCGM President, was introduced to the audience. After the recent elections, a change of governance at the HCGM brought the first woman in history in the history of ogranism to take the position of president.
Our students also sang, under the direction of Dimitri Ilias, our unparalleled choral conductor, a piece that could not be more appropriate for the occasion, “The Song of Farewells”
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The evening continued late into the night, with lots of dancing where everyone could channel their over-energy.
We would like to thank everyone who participated directly or indirectly in this wonderful event: the students themselves, the school teams, the parents’ committees, the sponsors and our faithful photographer, Harry Babaroutsis.
Congratulations to all of you next year!

The Socrates-Demosthenes School!
June 2019: Awards of Excellence

Award of Excellence in Greek: “The Tsiolis Foundation”,
represented by Mrs. Emmanuela Lambropoulos, Member of Parliament for Saint-Laurent

1.       Démosthène : Ευαγγελία  Στάππα                          

2.       Socrates V 661 :   Κυριακή Ράπτη                 

3.       Socrates V 662 :  Χαράλαμπο  Ξένο              

4.       Socrates  IV :       Αριάδνη Λιανιδάκη              

5.       Socrates  III :       Σοφία Τσαγκαρούλη            

6.       Socrates  II 661 : Χριστίνα Ραφαέλλα Lezo     

7.       Socrates  II 662 : Βασιλεία Πολυχρονοπούλου   

2nd Prize of Excellence in Greek: “The Tsiolis Foundation”,
represented by Mrs Eva Nassif, Member of Parliament for Vimy

1.      Démosthène : Ιλιάνα Τοσικιάν                                                         

2.       Socrates V 661 :   Είρηνα Αλεβίζου                                       

3.       Socrates V 662 :   Anjali Σταματοπούλου                              

4.      Socrates  III :           Αντώνιο  Γιαννόπουλο                            

5.       Socrates  II 661 :   Ιωάννη Φιλιππούση-Γιαννακόπουλο    

6.       Socrates  II 662 :   Γεώργιο Μπάκα        

Excellence Award in French: Mr. James Hutchison, President of AHEPA Montreal
and Mr. Manos Christofidis, Vice President of AHEPA

1.      Démosthène :     Smaragda Kargas                 

2.       Socrates V 661 :          Kiriaki Raptis      

3.       Socrates V 662 :          Gabriel Naddour          

4.       Socrates  IV :                Venetia Papachristos                      

5.       Socrates  III :                Sophia Tsagaroulis

6.       Socrates  II 661 :         Christina Rafaella Lezo                  

7.       Socrates  II 662 :         Ariane Efpraxiadis       

Excellence Award in English: Ms. Irene Brintalos, Oxford Learning Learning Center

8.      Démosthène :       Evangelia  Stappas             

9.       Socrates V 661 :   Yanni Doukas            

10.    Socrates V 662 :   Dimitri Gionis                        

11.     Socrates  IV :        Dimitris Christopoulos                            

12.     Socrates  III :        Ariana Koutsoukos              

13.     Socrates  II 661 : Ioannis Philippoussis-Giannacopoulos           

14.     Socrates  II 662 : Vasilia Polyhronopoulos             

Effort Prize in French: Mr. Fayçal El-Khoury, Member of Parliament for Laval and
parents’ committees represented by:

Socrates II : Mme Demetra Bakalis
Socrates III : Mme Anna Dritsas
Socrates IV : Mme Constance Karvelas
Socrates V :  Mme Denise Eleftheratos
Démosthène: M. Tommy Diktakis

1.      Démosthène :     Katina Hantzis              

2.       Socrates V 661 :  Nikolas Karabatsos               

3.       Socrates V 662 :  Rodanthie Nikolidakis           

4.       Socrates  IV :      Elyssa Ainajian                      

5.       Socrates  III :      Christopher Katakis                         

6.       Socrates  II 661 : Nicholas Chase                    

7.       Socrates  II 662 : Veronica Vasilieva     

Effort Prize in Greek: Mr. Michael Mastronikolas, “Charisma Realties”, and Mr. Jimmy Nikolidakis, President of the “Miron” Group and “The Tsiolis Foundation”, represented by Mrs. Mary Deros, Councilor of the City of Montreal

1.      Démosthène :     Παύλο Πετρόπουλο                         

2.       Socrates V 661 :  Ιωάννη Ζαμφώτη                                      

3.       Socrates V 662 : Manuel Toras Narinian                            

4.       Socrates  IV :      Λουκά Κόττα                                                

5.       Socrates  III :      Αφροδίτη Γεώργαρου                                 

6.       Socrates  II 661 : Ευγενία Παναγούλα Καραγγιούλη          

7.      Socrates  II 661 : Μαρία Spaziani                                           

8.       Socrates  II 662 : Ιουλία Constantinescu             

Award of Excellence in Mathematics: Ms. Peggy Sifakis and Ms. Xenia Vrouvides, “The Socrates Educational Foundation”

1.      Démosthène :               Evangelia Stappas                

2.       Socrates V 661 :          Yanni Doukas              

3.       Socrates V 662 :          Anjali Stamatopoulos            

4.       Socrates  IV :       Christopher Ainajian                       

5.       Socrates  III :                John Saratsiotis

6.      Socrates    III :               Patrick Daher               

7.       Socrates  II 661 :         Constantinos Tsinalis                      

8.       Socrates  II 662 :         Vasilia Polyhronopoulos       

9.      Socrates   II 662 :         Ariane Efpraxiadis      

Award of Excellence in Computers: Ms. Catherine and Mr. Chris Papachristou, “RE / MAX 2000”

1.      Démosthène :               Olympia Kalaganis                

2.       Socrates V 661 :   Evangelos Giannoumis                  

3.       Socrates V 662 :          Olga Lygeros               

4.       Socrates  IV :        Loukas Georgiakakis                      

5.       Socrates  III :                Olivia Maragos                       

6.       Socrates  II 661 :         Constantinos Tsinalis            

7.       Socrates  II 662 :         Maximos Tourlas            

Excellence in Physical Education: The Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal (Girl and Boy), presented by: Ms. Aglaïa Revelakis, Chomedey City Councilor and Physical Education Teachers:
Ms. Nelly Vlahandreas, Ms. Mary Maglieri, Ms. Carla Fawaz, Mr. Eric Bouchard

1.      Démosthène : Petros Tountas            

2.      Démosthène : Alexia Efthimiou          

3.      Socrates V 661 : Yanni Doukas         

4.      Socrates V 661 : Christina Tsopanis           

5.      Socrates V 662 : Michael Papadopoulos              

6.      Socrates V 662 : Dimitra Psillos                   

7.      Socrates  IV : Lucas Kottas                          

8.      Socrates IV : Evangelia Bekeridis                          

9.      Socrates  III : George Konstas                      

10.    Socrates III : Despina Vasiliou                           

11.    Socrates  II 661 : Alexander Abdelmagid                   

12.    Socrates II 661 : Eleni Nseir           

13.    Socrates II 662 : George Triantafillou               

14.    Socrates II 662 : Maria Haidalis               

Award of excellence in dance (girl and boy): “The Tsiolis Foundation”, represented by Mrs. Afroditi Stathopoulos, Mr. Dennis Marinos and the parents’ committees, represented by the dance teachers:

Socrates II: Romanos Hadjinicolaou 
Socrates III: Anna Dritsas
Socrates IV: Athena Sita 
Socrates V: Denise Eleftheratou 
Démosthène : Eleni Tourkohoriti

1.      Démosthène :     Βιολέττα Πέικου                                       

2.       Démosthène :    Ιωάννη  Μορφωπό                           

3.       Socrates V 661 :  Είρηνα Αλεβίζου                             

4.      Socrates V 661 : Γεώργιο Γιαννόπουλο                      

5.       Socrates V 662 : Ροδάνθη Νικολιδάκη                      

6.      Socrates V 662 :  Δημήτρη Γκιόνη                               

7.       Socrates  IV : Ευαγγελία Μπεκερίδη                           

8.      Socrates IV :   Δημήτρη  Χριστόπουλο                        

9.       Socrates  III :  Μαρία Χρίστουλα                                  

10.    Socrates III : Χριστόφορο Μασσούρα                         

11.    Socrates  II 661 : Άγγελο Παπαδάτο                            

12.    Socrates II 662 : Μάξιμο Τούρλα                                 

13.    Socrates II 662 : Μαρία Χαϊδαλή                              

14.    Socrates II 662 : Ιωάννα Τάσση     

         Personality Award: Ms. Pat Kyriacou, “Uniformes Loft”

1.      Démosthène : Iliana Tosikyan

2.      Socrates V   661 : Yanni Doukas

3.      Socrates V  662 :  Dimitri Gionis

4.      Socrates IV: Dimitris Christopoulos

5.      Socrates III   : Sofia Tsagaroulis

6.      Socrates II 661 :  Eleni Nseir

7.      Socrates II 661 : Kalista Tsapekis

8.      Socrates II 662 :  Athena Rodrigues

President’s Award: Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal, presented by Mr. Andreas Crillis

1.      Démosthène : Evangelia Stappas

2.      Socrates V   :  Dimitri Gionis

3.      Socrates IV  :  Evangelia Bekeridis

4.      Socrates III :   Sofia Tsagaroulis

5.      Socrates II   :  Vasilia Polyhronopoulos