Academic excellence…outstanding cognitive stimulation…impeccable services…unparalleled student development…exceptional success rate…These are the trademarks of the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal’s École Socrates-Démosthène. Its ongoing mission: to provide youth with an exemplary multilingual education in French, English and Greek emphasizing mathematics and science; to assure every child’s passport for a solid future in their later studies and in their careers; to explore one’s heritage and develop a sense of pride; to promote self-awareness and encourage youth to reach their fullest potential; to boldly instil the foundation and values that will allow its students to grow and be able to face life’s challenges and responsibilities. Educating youth for over a century, École Socrates-Démosthène is the glorious pride and joy of the Greek community of Quebec. Welcome to our School!

Our School’s Directors, Administrators and the entire Management Team, tried and tested high caliber professionals and innovators with decades of experience, turn dreams into realities by leading and inspiring not hesitant to think out of the box working hand-in-hand with all members of the School Community towards common goals and cutting edge achievements.

Likewise, the superbly qualified and dedicated Faculty at Socrates-Démosthène not only educate, they teach children how to learn. Our students develop into independent and disciplined high achievers, skills they will carry with them all their lives. In the process, our staff believes that a child’s attitude along with their aptitude, will determine their altitude.

With five campuses and an annex in the Montreal, Laval and South Shore regions, École Socrates-Démosthène offers exceptional educational services including preschool (4 and 5 year olds), elementary (1 to 6) and high school (I to V). Acknowledged by the Ministry of Education as a fully conforming school that completely possesses the three required criteria of human, material and financial resources, Socrates-Démosthène is also recognized as a great educational institution, and as a leader in multilingual instruction. Our School complements this with an enriched extra-curricular program offering a wide range of life-enhancing cultural (dancing, choir, piano, theatrical, etc.), athletic (competitive basketball, volleyball, soccer, track & field, etc.) and recreational (science, social, etc.) programs.

Amid modern facilities and equipment, including science labs, multi-media rooms, art-studios with smart interactive boards in every classroom, technology is incorporated right in the curriculum. As a French based school with extended instructional time, our specialists also teach both English and Greek at an enriched level. École Socrates-Démosthène’s exclusive early morning and after-school daycare program with supervised homework time is another popular program housed in our well-maintained and secure school buildings.

For students with special needs, our School offers orthopedagogical and recuperation assistance to help assure their success. These children are fully integrated in our classrooms. Furthermore, for families with financial challenges, the HCGM is always prepared to propose and arrange special payment accommodations and offer financial aid for families that meet the requirements. Along with our numerous partners, including devoted parent and fund raising committees, countless dedicated volunteers, business and private supporters, all levels of government and the media, our School is a vibrant establishment in the community.

In addition, Socrates-Démosthène offers a valuable, door-to-door school bus transport service at the very reasonable rate to further convenience families. These buses are also used to transport our students to numerous educational outings across the province and beyond. This culminates with an ultimate educational voyage to Greece for our Graduating Class, a breath taking experience with memories our students will forever cherish.

An unprecedented multilingual curriculum, a unique extended instructional program, enriched extracurricular activities and daycare service with supervised homework time, all offered at very competitive tuition and school fee rates. An investment that every family should make for their children and their future. With everything Socrates-Démosthène offers and the foundation it lays, it is no wonder our students are able to easily pursue their higher studies in the best schools and colleges in Quebec and anywhere else in the world.

Over the course of its rich history, visionary HCGM Boards and Administrations have assured École Socrates-Démosthène’s expansion and evolution to better serve the ever changing needs of its members and families. This will be continuing with a new project on the table in the Laval region calling for the amalgamation of our three school buildings in a new state-of-the-art facility that will incorporate our second high school. While becoming more efficient in the process, Socrates-Démosthène will respond in a major way to the education requirements of the Greek community in Laval and the North Shore.

Always available to provide information and answers to questions for all families considering École Socrates-Démosthène for their children’s preschool, elementary and high school education, our campus administrators are a phone call away and our school doors are always open to receive you. Our new mobile friendly and trilingual website (, is another excellent resource, filled with elegant presentations, virtual tours and a wealth of information on every aspect of our renowned School.

L’École Socrates-Démosthène…the only option for a brilliant education!




Chris Adamopoulos

General Director

514-738-2421, poste 113