For a second consecutive year, our students, in collaboration with the organization Pain et Plus (Bread and Beyond), prepared more than 1,200 sandwiches for homeless people.

These sandwiches will feed several people who, without help, will have almost nothing to eat.

Our English teachers spoke to the students and explained to them that, for several reasons, people end up on the streets. This year, Ms. Kirstie, a founder of the organization, came to do a workshop with our 3rd cycle students.

To reach our goal of 1200 sandwiches, we asked each student to bring $5. The money raised allowed us to buy all the ingredients needed to prepare the sandwiches (bread, ham, cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, plastic bags, disposable tablecloths…).

We would like to thank the parent volunteers who made the purchases for the preparation of the sandwiches and who, along with the school staff, helped with the supervision, assembly and packaging of the sandwiches.
Finally, a big thank you to all our students from preschool to grade 6 who prepared these sandwiches with such enthusiasm.
A big thank you to the Grade 6 students, volunteers and Mrs. Mary who also planted flowers in front of the school.
We are proud of you!