Demosthenes participates in a volleyball competition

Ον Tuesday, November 10th,  was held at Collège Montmorency in Laval, α mini volleyball tournament for Grade 6 students. The tournament brought together several schools in the Laval region, as well as Demosthenes. Our students  distinguished themselves by offering an outstanding performance that gave rise to an exciting games. This performance has also enabled us to rise in the standings.
This gave a foretaste to Demosthenes students of the provincial tournament to be held in Quebec. This tournament will bring together more than 45 teams from across the province and will be held next April. In 3 years of participation, Demosthenes managed to climb to the ‘top 10 on two occasions.
Till then, they will continue to practice with Eric, the physical education teacher, to practice their techniques to become future champions of Quebec!