Saturday, February 16 at Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, in Montreal, was the second competition in the history of the athletics club Areus of Socrates-Démosthène High School, which was sanctioned by the Québec Federation of Athletics. Athletics (FQA). Twenty athletes lined up to clinch the top spot on the podium for the four events of the competition.
Here are the results of our athletes:
High jump :
Nasir Pierre: Gold Medal
Anthony Papai: 5th place
Liam Papai: 7th place
This is an excellent performance for the team members. In addition, after winning the event with a jump of 1m36, our athlete Nasir Pierre continued to raise the bar under the encouragement of the crowd of a hundred people, who appreciated. Nasir Pierre won the gold and set a personal best of 1m42. You can see it in action by clicking here.
Long jump :
Liam Papai: Gold Medal
Anthony Papai: 4th place
Dimitris Christou: 7th place
Nasir Pierre: 9th place
Liam Papai, who specializes in the long jump in training, took the gold medal with a jump of more than 40 centimeters from his closest pursuer. Significant fact: our 4 athletes rank in the top 10!


Sprint: Nasir Pierre: Gold Medal
Liam Papai: Bronze medal
Anthony Papai: 5th place
After having easily qualified for the final (1st place in qualifying), Nasir Pierre won the honors in the sprint final. Liam Papai finished 3rd to give a second medal to Areus in the same event.
Shot put :
Anthony Papai: Gold Medal
Nasir Pierre: Silver Medal
Liam Papai: Bronze medal
This is the biggest highlight of the short history of the Areus Athletics Club of the Socrates-Demosthenes School. Nothing less than a triplet!
First, Anthony Papai, who specializes in practice shots, impressed the crowd with a powerful 9m20 projection. This throw assured him the highest step of the podium and a personal best for him. Nasir Pierre also recorded a personal best of 8m60 to take 2nd place on the podium. Finally, Liam Papai concluded the feat of our team by projecting the weight at 8m 10 to capture the bronze medal.
All the podium for Areus! What a feat for our young team!
Areus continues to shine and attract attention. Coach Eric Bouchard’s team will be back in action on March 16 next to Cowansville.



Athletics Club Areus: United, to the end!
Congratulations to the athletes and their coach!
The Socrates-Démosthène School