Flag bearers and assistants for the 25th of March celebrations

March 25th is an important celebration for our community. Here are the names of the students who by their excellence proudly represent this event!

Socrates II campus

Flag bearers:

Elena Kritikos (Greece)
Eliana Meligrigoris (Canada)
Chrissoula Kallianotis (Quebec)
Vrisiis Mavros (Socrates-Demosthenes flag)
George Kolokithias (HCGM flag – secondary student)


1st: Anna Kivetos
2nd: Sophia Politis

Socrates III campus

Socrates IV campus

There are seven of them and they all deserve to be flag bearers or assistants. They are wonderful students, they all worked very hard and they demonstrated exemplary behavior. We are proud of them.

Flag bearers:

Greece: Christos Rigas
Canada: Éliana Ziabaras
Quebec: Marina Kikiris


1st: Arianne Tsakiris
2nd: Angelina Macri
3rd: Charlie Maria Johnson et Fotios Papadakis

Socrates V campus

Flag bearers:

Greece: Spyridon Tsolakis
Canada: Anthony Buono
Quebec: George Theodoropoulos


1st: Panayiotis Alevizos
2nd: Konstantinos Atsalis
3rd: Chrisoula Akalestos

Demosthenes campus

Flag bearers:

Greece- Theo Chaanine
Canada – Chrisoula Argiropoulos
Quebec- Alexandros Tosikyan


1st: Stefania Karabatsos
2nd : Angelo Younan
3rd : Katerina Danielidis

We are very proud of the high academic performance of our students and look forward to a bright future.

Socrates-Demosthenes School