Dear parents and friends,

A few short months ago many of us wondered if this day would come. Well it has. And together we made it through!

As we call it a school year, one we will never forget, we have nothing but praise and gratitude to offer you, as you all became magnificent Socrates-Démosthène teaching assistants. And what can see say about our remarkable and resilient students, your incredible children…except that they are the true heroes of this whole situation.

The final report card will be available on the School portal as of July 3rd. As for the next school year, we are scheduled to resume classes on the 27th of August at all our campuses. We are pleased, as we imagine you are as well, that the Minister of Education, Jean-Francois Roberge, has announced that all children will all be returning to school for 2020-21.

There are still many questions we are awaiting answers for but we are already aligning for next fall’s back-to-school. As we have been doing all along, we will keep you informed of all new developments over the summer.

For the Class of 2020, creative graduation activities have been planned at each campus that we are certain will be memorable for our graduates as we wish them well in their future studies. They will be the best ambassadors our School can have.

One final time, we would like to thank our principals, teachers and support staff for their dedication and recognize the contribution of HCGM essential service staff that worked behind the scenes and express our gratitude to the Board of Directors for their precious support.

Most importantly, we want to acknowledge the efforts our sensational students made during these unprecedented circumstances and we want to thank all our parents for entrusting École Socrates-Démosthène for your children’s education.

Together, we got through this! We wish everyone a wonderful, healthy and relaxing summer!

Le directeur général,

Chris Adamopoulos